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New Socks for All and For Fall

New Socks for All and For Fall

We are swinging through the summer season with a splash… of new sock styles! The design team at Socksmith HQ has been working incredibly hard to bring you some of the finest sock designs that Socksmith Design has ever seen. Every year, Socksmith releases fresh collections of socks to excite sock lovers everywhere. Our Fall 2017 collection is released on July 1, just in time for summer!

Celebrate the Little Things in Life

Here at Socksmith, we like to celebrate the little things in life. From getting out of bed, not drunk dialing, to sending that final email, we like to celebrate with gold trophies… on our socks of course! Applaud your life’s accomplishments on those hard Mondays in the office. Our other favorite life goal is taking naps all day long. By following the koala lifestyle, it’s time for a 20-hour nap! Spend some koalaty time, with your new fall socks!

Puns are a way of life in Socksmith land. Prairie dogs wearing bonnets, is like living on a prairie; and pizza hearts, we love you to pizzas! Celebrating the little things in life is comparable to how a new pair of punny socks can make an outfit. Going from drab to fab… “that’s my jam!

National Park Month with Outdoor Socks

July is also National Park Month. Check out our blog post about this special month here. We like to celebrate National Park Month with new outdoor sock designs. Howl at the moon with werewolf socks, roast marshmallows over the fire with campfire socks, and remind yourself of your location with signs of the trail socks. Soon, we will be announcing a new sock collection, focused on the great outdoors. So, stay tuned next month for these state-of-the-art novelty outdoor socks!

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