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Socksmith Rewards Program

Socksmith Rewards Program

Want to learn more about the Socksmith Rewards Program?
We've compiled some FAQs below, to help you maximize your shopping experience with us.

How our Rewards Program works
Step 1 - Join Program
Log-in to your pre-existing Socksmith account OR create a new one here.

You'll get 50 points for having or creating an account, right off the bat!

Question: If I have shopped with Socksmith before and created an account, do I need a different account for your Rewards Program?

Answer: No! Our Rewards Program uses the same log-in information you've previously created. 

Start your shopping (the fun part)!  Checkout and see the points you've earned. To do this click here and go to "My Rewards". 

Top tip: Sometimes it can take a few seconds for your points balance to populate.

Question: Ahh man. I completed a purchase without logging in. Have I missed out on earning my points?

Answer: No! Don't worry, if you shop and checkout without logging in, you will still earn points on your purchase and your account will reflect this the next time you log-in! Just be sure to use the same email address. Any purchase after June 1, 2020 will be eligible for earning points (even logged out).

Question: How many points do I earn?

Answer: For every $1 you spend, you'll earn 1 point.

Question: I have a sock subscription. Do I earn points on that?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. 

Question: Do I earn points on shipping fees?

Answer: Nice try, but no. All points are earned before tax and shipping.

When you go to your account and "My Rewards", you'll see your balance of hard earned points. Watch the tutorial below to see how this works on our website.

You may start to redeem points when you've collected at least 100. You must be logged-in to your account to do this.

Question: Can I redeem my points on my sock subscription?

Answer: No, unfortunately not. As we use a third party for our Sock of the Month Club, we cannot integrate our point redemption system. 

Review a product and get 25 points 

Please wait for your review request via an automated email. You will not collect points on reviews which are not completed through the automatic review request. You will receive your email approximately 3 weeks after your order has been placed.

Follow us on Instagram

For your points to be credited to your account, you must follow us @Socksmith via this link.

Follow us on Facebook

For your points to be credited to your account, you must follow us @Socksmith via this link.

Birthday Bonus Points

For points to be credited to your account, you must complete your birth date here.

Spend $100

As an extra bonus, when you spend $100, you'll get 200 points credited to your account! Thats $10 off your next purchase!

When you spend $200 or more you'll enter our VIP Tier. From here on out for every $1 you spend, you'll earn 2 points instead of 1. You're also eligible for:

Free USPS shipping with no minimum spend
Early access to sales
Exclusive offers

As a special thank you for being such a valued customer, you'll receive an email with an extra 25% off coupon code. The video tutorial below shows you just how to do this!

Question: How long will I be a VIP for?

Answer:  When joining VIP status, your benefits will expire after 1 year. You must spend $200/year to be eligible for VIP benefits. Your $200 spend will be calculated after any points have been redeemed.

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