Breaking the Binary

The truth about gender fluidity with Addison Rose Vincent.

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Celebrating Pride Month

Meet our Trans Pride ambassador, Lace.

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"You have the power to make bigotry intolerable..."

Ace Pride with ambassador, Mayyadda.

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Top Socks

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We’re a group of wacky individuals.
We’re different, and damn proud. 
We’re dreamers, creators and most importantly…human. 
And we all share one core value — that life is too short for boring socks.

Socksmith was founded on the principle that self-expression is true beauty. 
So our team works hard to design unique, quality socks that connect people from all walks of life... 
We’re with you through every stage — from your first steps, to the last, and everything in between.

We strive to serve as a constant reminder to always be your true self unapologetically. 

That’s the Socksmith Way. 

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