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Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch

The number of moving legends about the giving, receiving, and sharing of Laurel Burch art is a reflection not only of the woman herself, but of all the collectors who are drawn by her spirit as well as her designs.

Despite her lifelong struggle with osteopetrosis, a rare disease that caused her to suffer more than 100 bone fractures, Laurel saw her physical obstacles as stepping stones to her inner strengths and lived an enviable life with extraordinary joy, undiminished gratitude, and a contagious positive spirit that continues to inspire people today. Laurel’s daughter Aarin Burch founded Laurel Burch Studios to continue to make her mother’s extraordinary artwork available to all. Laurel’s  stream of ideas, her fantastic mythological creatures, the wonders she created for so many decades in her paintings, jewelry, and writings are now part of her legacy. The boundless energy and imagination of this extraordinary artist place her among the most treasured creative spirits of our time. 

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