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Wiggle Your Toes Into Some Fun Socks

Wiggle Your Toes Into Some Fun Socks

National Wiggle Your Toes Day is August 6. Let’s Celebrate with fun socks! From what we’ve read, this day is meant for giving your bare toes a little enjoyment and adventure.Take them to the beach and wiggle them in the sand. Skip through the grass and feel nature’s carpet tickle your toes. Feathers, shag rugs, nubby floor mats - there are endless ways to treat your feet to some out of the ordinary sensations.

Wiggle, Jiggle, Bubble

After all that tactile activity, wiggle your toes into some fun socks. Nothing celebrates feet like Socksmith socks. And once your toes are covered up again, there’s no reason to stop wiggling. In fact, we often find this is a natural reaction to wearing such awesome socks. Try our gummy bear socks to keep the wiggle going. Their jiggly cuteness is sure to keep your digits moving. Or if you’re looking for a second wind after all those barefoot antics, our Death before Decaf socks are just the boost your feet need. These coffee socks will put more than a little wiggle in your step.

Music is another surefire way to spark the wiggle. Slip on our bubble tea socks and dance away to Jack Johnson’s “Bubble Toes”. Or how about Michael Buble’s “It’s a Beautiful Day”? Bubbles (and Bubles) are a great way to get your wiggle on.

Wiggle Your Toes toward a Great Cause

Along with all the whimsical types of toe wiggling, we’re also super excited to talk about this organization, which takes toe wiggling to great heights. Aaron Holm started Wiggle Your Toes to empower those who have lost a limb, after he himself lost both legs in a terrible accident. What could be a more inspirational story on this special day?

Gummy bear socks, bubble tea socks, coffee socks, and so many other fun socks are available to celebrate this great day.

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