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What Does Socksmith Mean to Me?

What Does Socksmith Mean to Me?

Driving up to the warehouse building and viewing the outside of Socksmith Headquarters, one wouldn’t be too excited. The shell of the building is old and bland; however, stepping inside is quite a different story. The renovated warehouse space has vaulted ceilings with skylights, colored floors, a game center, and socks everywhere. This space is the perfect environment for work and freethinking creativity.

“Growing up, I was a punk who thought that anyone who owned a business was a capitalist pig-dog who had no value and this place has proven me really wrong.” Ryan (Inside Sales Manager)

“Socksmith means family… coworkers, relatives, it’s all the same at this point.” Hunter (Customer Service and Inventory Control Manager)

The Socksmith team is comprised of family and friends, all working together as a “functional family” to design and distribute all the fun socks for the world to enjoy! Recently, Socksmith had their inaugural sales meeting; comprised of the entire HQ team, as well as the sales representative team from all over the country. As an opening to the meeting, the HQ crew made a video to express their appreciation for Socksmith.

“Socksmith represents a chance for me to express a potential I didn’t even know I had. Growing up I was A+s in Math and English and Biology, but I couldn’t draw for shit… and today I am a paid artist.” Krystle (Product Development and Head Design)

“Socksmith” means a lot of things, so take a peek at the video. The Socksmith family goes well outside of the owners and employees of Socksmith itself, Socksmith has touched individuals all over the world. Whether that be through brightening up someones’ wardrobe, making someone smile with a fun design, keeping feet warm, or engaging with the brand online, there’s something at Socksmith for everyone.

Watch the YouTube Video: What Does Socksmith Mean to Me? 

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