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Welcome To The Sock Sommelier - A Guide To Mismatched Socking

Welcome To The Sock Sommelier - A Guide To Mismatched Socking

Mismatched socks are one of life’s inevitabilities. Unless your dryer is one of those newfangled fancy dryers that didn’t come with a porthole to the lost sock dimension, someday you too will be faced with a giant pile of cleanly fragrant yet mateless foot coverings. Well who the heck said your socks needed to match anyway? The last time matchy-matchy was in fashion, your grandma was putting the flocked velvet floral wallpaper on your mom’s bedspread, ceiling, and interior eyelids. Try something new and mix it up with us!

If you’re currently blog-deep in our website, you’ve probably noticed that we have a bit of a variety of sock options here at Socksmith. Perhaps you’ve even bought a few pairs yourself, and are wondering exactly how to go at this whole mismatched sock scenario. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Consider us your sock sommelier, introducing you to the finer points of sock pairing with some of our suggestions below. 

Pineapple Socks
with Pizza Bagel Socks

You’re a real rebel, aren’t you?  A bit of a renegade non-conformist, always ready to stir the pot and start some trouble. Well where better to start trouble than at the pizza oven? The recent controversy over whether pineapple belongs on pizza is eclipsing the fundamental existential question of pizza - when pizza’s on a bagel, can you really have pizza anytime? Or is it just a delusion? When you mix and match these socks, you’re showing the world that you’re ready to debate these completely pointless yet extremely heated topics.

Squish Squash Socks
with Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life Socks

With autumn right around the corner, we know you’re getting stressed out about the obvious - what’s going to happen when somebody challenges your love of seasonal gourds? Not to worry, Socksmith has you double covered. When you pair our Squish Squash socks with our Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life socks, you’re showing the world that gourds are most definitely your thing, whether they’re piled up in shiny vaguely phallic piles on your porch or distilled into a spicy little caffeine and sugar bomb in a cardboard cup with your name on it. Speaking of caffeine - 

Death Before Decaf Socks
with Caffeine - The Molecule Socks

How do you take your hot bitter anxiety juice? Black or ruined? You’re a coffee purist who can’t be bothered to move a pinky finger first thing in the morning unless you’re reaching for your dark steaming energy bean serum. Sure, you could buy some of our super cute Mug Socks to demonstrate your passion, but if you want the true message brewed down to its hard core espresso essence, rock these sick Death Before Decaf socks along with our Caffeine - The Molecule socks. Only true diehards will get it! And then maybe they’ll get you some coffee.

Catstronaut Socks
with Science Lab Socks

The internet was invented for sharing cute pictures of kitties and puppies. Everybody knows that. Back in the day, just logging in with your dial up modem and seeing a picture of a fuzzy little kitten in a cardboard box was enough to tap into that sweet dopamine reserve. Over the years, though, your fuzzy wuzzy little searches for the cutest little baby animal pics got more and more esoteric. Now, you’ve somehow managed to twist your sick mind into the place where you can’t say “awwwwww!” unless the doggie or kitty cat is engaged in some form of scientific exploration. When you’re mismatching this pair, you’re telling the world just where you are in your search for cuteness, ya big weirdo.

California Socks
with Don't Mess With Texas Socks

Are you one one of the tens of thousands of Californians who moved to Texas within the past couple of years? Or maybe you’re a dissatisfied cowboy who heeded that old adage to “Go West, Young Man” and now find yourself living in the Golden State. Either way, show your feelings for the second and third largest states simultaneously with these awesome if slightly aggressive socks.

Painted Sky Socks
with Sailing By Socks

Sometimes we here at Socksmith deliver a sock so beautiful, it deserves to be framed. We think that’s the case with these Painted Sky socks, with their beautiful empty desertscape sunset fit for the living room feature wall. Make your feet an art gallery by pairing with our Sailing By socks, which would be at home in any nautically themed bathroom.

Space Age Knee High Socks
with Whale Watching Knee High Socks

Outer space may be the final frontier, but have you ever thought about how weird the ocean is? With how deep and dark and full of creepy things it is, it’s almost like the sea is outer space right here on planet Earth. Show those whales AND those little gray men that you’re onto them by boldly pairing these two knee high sets with each other, maybe even in public.

This is just a taste of the wild and wacky possibilities of mismatching socks. Feel free to be your own sock sommelier and pick out the perfect non-pair to express yourself!

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