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The Tragedy of Bad Socks

The Tragedy of Bad Socks

Wear Better Socks!

It’s true, we can’t see what’s wrapped around your feet right now. And actually, if you’re reading this sock blog, chances are you’re firmly on the right track to great foot fashion. Good job! However, bad socks are everywhere - social media, walking around in the wild of the concrete jungle, on your date’s feet, the first time you meet. Yikes! Even when your own sock game is tight, most of us know someone who’s in need of a sock upgrade.

Now that the weather is warming up, this advice couldn’t be more critical. We’re all starting to ditch the heavy boots and dust off the oxfords, low-top sneakers, and Mary Janes. It’s time to show off what’s on your ankles! At the office, in the classroom, on the bus… your sock choice is noticed. Give your admirers something to smile about! Fun socks are not only a mood booster, but a great conversation starter, as well.

We have socks to make any fashion statement you’re going for - except of course the boring kind! No boring socks is our battle cry, and we’ve discovered that if you start off with a ‘no boring socks’ attitude, this spirit tends to color the rest of your day, as well. It can take the boring out of your commute. Try featuring sardine socks on your legs during your next snug morning commute, and not getting some appreciative giggles and comments from your fellow passengers. Life imitating art - who wouldn’t appreciate that?

Not only do your legs get more breathing room in the springtime, to show off your fun socks, but your audience expands as well. Just like Punxsutawney Phil, all the humans are emerging from their burrows to enjoy the warmer days and additional sunshine. Easter egg hunts, spring fairs, outdoor concerts - people are shedding their hermity habits and getting out to socialize. Don’t get caught at the next neighborhood block party wearing bad socks! Celebrate the occasion with something like our Grillin’ n’ Chillin’ socks, and show off your playful style.

One Sock, Two Socks, Bad Socks, No Socks

We get it. We all have a lot of choices to make in life. By the time some of us get to picking out our socks for the day, we may have run out of decision-making steam. When this happens, please don’t make the mistake of wearing no socks at all! This is almost as disappointing as wearing bad socks. If you’re sporting flip flops or sandals, no socks = no problem. It’s good to give those tootsies the open air treatment sometimes. But with loafers and such, your shoes and your feet will thank you if you give them the company of great socks. Socks and shoes go together like Gumby and Pokey. Wear our Gumby and Pokey socks to Easter brunch and give your family something to smile about. We bet your feet will be more comfortable as well, being cradled in comfy, colorful socks. Plus, if anyone’s going to give you a hard time about wearing shoes without socks, it’s probably a family member.

Don’t fall prey to the tragedy of bad socks. We’re here to help. Spread the word!

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