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Socks On A Plane

Here at Socksmith, some of us do quite a bit of traveling. Whether it’s flying to a tradeshow across the country or visiting our retailers, we’re on our fair share of planes, and boy-o-boy, we see some boring socks!

Socks on a plane are often some of the most frightening things we see! Holes in white tube socks, boring stripe socks or polka-dot socks, plain brown socks, grey socks, navy socks and dare I say it… a faded black sock paired with a faded navy sock. Boring socks.

Watch Out! Boring Socks Are Everywhere!

“I have a habit of looking at ankles, it’s kind of my thing,” Sean says (Socksmith Sales and Marketing Director). “I also like to be aware of my surroundings, in case a bad sock sneaks up on me. I don’t want to be stuck with several hundred boring socks falling from the overhead compartment of my plane! Big socks, chunky socks, skinny socks, thin socks, smelly socks… I’m always on guard!”

“When traveling, I load up with Socksmith socks, ready to break out with a cool gift on a moment’s notice to someone who might be sharing my flight. If I see they’ve fallen victim to boring socks, I’m there to help!” Sean continues. Tacos, beer, bicycles, mermaids, cats, dogs, sunglassesdogs with sunglassescats with glasses, sea otters, pug socks, bulldog socks, Labrador socks, and the list goes on!

Socks to The Rescue!

We also realize that little kids often see things adults tend to miss. When you’re only 3 feet tall and flying on a plane, you see some of those scary socks up close! So, since Sean’s kids were that young and short once, he likes to have some of our Socksmith Kid’s socks with him, too. There’s nothing like handing out a pair of dinosaur, pizza, planets, frog, unicorn socks, or even a math sock to a little kid on a plane so they don’t have to wear the boring socks mom made them put on early in the morning when they didn’t know better.

So, next time you’re on a plane, be wary of the boring socks next to you. And if by chance you happen to fall victim to wearing boring socks on a plane, and notice the passenger next to you staring at your ankles, don’t panic and call the flight attendant! Perhaps that person will hand you a pair of Socksmith socks and everything will be just fine!

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