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Shower Me With Flowers

Shower Me With Flowers

What are two tell-tale signs that spring has arrived? April showers and May flowers!

Socksmith’s got just the right collection of flower socks to help you welcome the season, stay warm and dry through the April showers, and celebrate the blossoming May flowers!

Wear Your Flower Power Socks

Spring is the season of blooming, and we’re not just talking about the flowers. With the fresh air and warm weather finally making its arrival, the season is all about blossoming in every way. Take a cue from the season to reach your full potential by taking a class to help you excel at work, or pick up a new, healthy habit. Socksmith’s collection of flower socks will help you channel that springtime energy. How could you not be inspired to bloom with floral pop socks on your feet?

Bamboo lotus socks are a great reminder of how to stay positive during spring showers, long work days, and those can’t-wait-till-Friday weeks. The lotus flower blooms in the mud, representing triumph over trial.

When your outfit could use a little brightening, pick a pair of sunflower socks to perk everything up. Even if they’re hiding away under black trousers at work, you’ll know they’re there. A little peek at something as cheerful as a sunflower will put a smile on your face whenever you need a pick-me-up!

A pair of knee high rose socks will remind you to always stop and smell the flowers. (Probably not a great idea to smell the flowers on your socks after a long day on your feet, though.!)

April Showers Bring May Flower Socks!

Shower your friends and family with springtime gifts. Who wouldn’t love to open a surprise package to find some fun floral socks? Spread the flower power around and keep those spirits up on the rainiest April days.

Springtime Flower socks in crew cut or knee high are perfect under rain boots. Keep those toes dry and warm throughout the rainy season with a different fresh and beautiful floral sock patterns for every day of the week. Strangers on the street will never guess that underneath those clunky boots you’ve got enough sock flower power to brighten even the darkest of days!

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