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Rubber Ducky Day! Ducking Adorable Socks!

Rubber Ducky Day! Ducking Adorable Socks!

Did you know that January 13 is also known as National Rubber Ducky Day? You may have missed the time to mark the occasion this year, but it's never too late to celebrate!

The rubber ducky we think of at bath time was popularized by Jim Henson. On Henson's Sesame Street, in 1969, Ernie sang a song about his rubber duck and carried his new toy companion around with him. In 1970, on an episode of Sesame Street, Duckie the character was introduced. When the show released its 1973 calendar, January 13 was noted as Duckie's birthday. And so, Rubber Ducky Day was born!

We love our rubber duckies here in the Socksmith family. And even though most people think of them as just a kid’s bathtime pal, we know they’re fun for people of all ages. For those who have outgrown bubble baths or don’t have time to splash around in the tub, we have a more grown-up option that still lets you channel your inner kid: rubber ducky socks!

What Goes With a Pair of Rubber Ducky Socks?

Well, what doesn’t?!

Since rubber duckies are usually associated with bathtime splashing about, we think these rubber ducky socks will go perfectly with a pair of rainboots on the next rainy day. And even if you don’t have anywhere to go the next time it rains, even better: keep your feet warm and cozy (and dry!) at home. Just pull on your rubber ducky socks and ask yourself how your inner child would spend the day. Maybe you think you’re too old to play in the rain, but can we convince you to try a drier option, like building a blanket fort?

When All Else Fails, Take Off the Ducky Socks for a Relaxing Bath

Maybe splish-splashing around in the tub isn’t your idea of a good time. But you do deserve to take time to relax, so why not light a candle and go for a more calming bath instead? Dim the lights, add some bath salts, and clear your mind for a calming evening ritual. When you’re ready to get out and get cozy, your rubber ducky socks will still be there for you. And don’t worry, we don’t tell anyone if you shared that relaxing bubble bath with your rubber ducky!

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