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Ring in the New Year and Rock Your Fancy Socks

Happy New Year! We’re ready to say hello to 2017, and we can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for every member of the Socksmith family next year. Before we wave goodbye to 2016, we’re getting ready to celebrate the end of this year and welcome in the new. Of course we prefer to celebrate with some fancy schmancy socks!

Here are seven things we absolutely must have for a great New Year’s Eve celebration!

  1.    Friends and family. Good company is what it’s all about. At Socksmith, we’re a family of friends. We can’t imagine celebrating without our favorite people! We all have pretty incredible sock taste… if we do say so ourselves!
  2.    Delicious food to snack on. No one needs to spend hours in the kitchen cooking over a hot stove. Appetizers are fun and easy, and everyone can bring their favorite dish. Pizza socks, anyone?
  3.    A festive drink. Whether you want to sip the champagne or guzzle the soda, everyone needs something bubbly. How else are you supposed to toast to the new year?! Of course, if neither of those tickle your fancy, you could always just celebrate with Beer Taps socks!
  4.    Fun and games. Board games, card games, table games, made-up games—the sky's the limit! Games aren’t any fun without the proper attire. And socks might be the way to go!
  5.    The entertainment. Some people like to make their own playlist of the best songs of the past year. Others like to tune in to the annual New Year’s Eve party show from Times Square. Either way, the celebration simply isn’t complete without fun socks!
  6.    A party outfit. There’s no limit to the types of party outfits you can choose. Costume parties are always fun any time of the year. Or maybe this is a good year to get all dressed up in something fancy? Better yet, keeping it casual means keeping it comfy.
  7.    The countdown. 10… 9… 8… those 10 seconds are so full of excitement, aren’t they?! Counting down to the new year is like a fresh start, a reset button, and a great big glitter bomb all in one!

Wherever you’re celebrating the arrival of 2017, and to whatever party you’re wearing your favorite socks, we wish you the very best in 2017!

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