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Pull the Trigger on Your Sock Wishlist

Pull the Trigger on Your Sock Wishlist

We’ve all been there before, or know someone who has -  drunk shopping online, only to regret those purchases three days later when a mysterious package shows up on the doorstep. That is the magic of wishlists! You don’t have to put those coveted items in your cart to buy right away. You also don’t have to get a bombardment of “Oops! Looks like you forgot items in your cart” type emails. Just add them to your wishlist, and wait a couple days. If you’re still checking back days later, and dreaming of how you need those fun socks in your life, then it’s time to pull the trigger and finalize that purchase!

Treat Yourself Right with Fun Socks

As the holidays are quickly approaching, most people are starting to budget their spending to save up for the holiday rush. Most of the time, during this season, we often forget about ourselves. Before you start running around, shopping for your family and friends, treat yourself to a couple items on your wishlist. Have you been eyeballing our bamboo wave socks for the past week? Pull the trigger, finalize that order, and start enjoying them on your feet! You deserve to be pampered and have a little fun, and we can’t think of any better way than with some fun socks! Super soft bamboo and our beautiful wave graphic are a great way to treat your feet right. And in terms of your Socksmith wishlist, it’s not a luxury sports car, it’s socks. Pull the trigger!

While you rest up your feet before the rush of Black Friday, how about slipping on some fun socks to help you visualize your goals? Maybe some money socks to put the message out to the universe: monetary abundance, please. Try as we may to budget for the holidays, most of us, in the spirit of generosity, will go a bit overboard with our spending. The good news is, Black Friday shopping has slowly been moving towards online shopping. This means you don’t have to risk getting trampled outside of department stores anymore. Just kick up your feet at home and do some online shopping, while wearing money socks of course! Another piece of good news is that socks are the perfect gift. We bet, just about everyone on your list will be tickled pink to find socks in their stocking this year. Plus, it’s hard to find another gift option that packs this much fun style into such a reasonable price point. Go ahead, pull the trigger on your own wishlist and start conducting a little product research for your upcoming gift purchases.

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