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Pop It, Crack It, Twist It, Snap It! Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Pop It, Crack It, Twist It, Snap It! Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

The last Monday in January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! Sure, some people use it for packing… but after the boring part is done, let the popping begin!

Bubble wrap was invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. They were actually trying to create a 3D plastic material that could be used as wallpaper! When that didn't quite work out, they realized that their invention had a more practical use, and the rest is history.

Years later, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day came about when an Indiana radio station accidentally played the sounds of bubble wrap being popped over the airwaves. Not even professionals at work can say no to bubble wrap!

Even though the wrap works best for its intended purpose when NOT popped... who can resist popping, twisting, and snapping those little bubbles? It is serious fun and great for the soul! Do you know what else is good for the soul?... Fun socks! Stressed at work? Pop some bubble wrap wearing your crazy animal socks!

Pop On Otter Socks and…

Be playful! Fun socks and a popping party sounds great, doesn’t it? In honor of our much-loved otter socks, and how otters love to crack clams on their chest, we imagined how much fun an otter would have with bubble wrap. Otters love to play and be silly, so rock the socks and lay it down, roll over it, twist it around, and just have fun with it!

Put On Bigfoot Socks and…

Let some aggression out! Imagine a bigfoot stomping around the forest—he’d be anything but dainty. Channel the yeti with Socksmith’s bigfoot socks and use that bubble wrap to let your anger out! Hey, it’s way better to let your aggression out on bubble wrap than on your co-worker! We think you’ll find a sense of calm once the twisting and popping begins!

Slip On Sloth Socks and…

Take your time! Sloths are never in a hurry to get anywhere. We like to imagine them taking their time and enjoying every moment, especially with a few sheets of bubble wrap. See if you can let your inner sloth out by pulling on our snuggly sloth socks and popping a big sheet of little bubbles one by one. Take your time and enjoy the stress release that popping bubble wrap can bring!

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