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Out and Proud to Wear Fun Socks

Blog post by Nicki Henry, Socksmith Marketing Manager. She tells her sock story.

Growing up in a Midwest bubble, then going to college in the South, I always felt a little different. At this time in my life, I thought being different was bad; when I was really just trying to find myself. To try and fit in, I wore boring clothing… and dare I say it, boring socks. This was not an easy time, and it got to the point that I was afraid to go to the grocery store because everyone was judging me for being gay… it often felt like the whole world was raining extra catty socks!

In the final couple years of college, I began to break out of my shell. Believe it or not, fun socks helped add fuel to this fire. My first pair of fun socks were blue with white stars on them, and another had some stripes. These socks were my own little secret and confidence boost I needed to begin slowing stepping out and being proud. It’s amazing how socks can break down barriers, check out our specific blog post about this topic here.

After college graduation, I received a job on the other side of the country, on the central coast of California. Not only was I venturing out into the real world after graduation (check out our blog about graduation here), but I discovered a whole new world of culture and fun socks. I learned that being different is not only encouraged, but is what makes us all exceptional humans. Conformity is stifling, while being different is innovative and creative.

That first summer after I moved, when LGBTQA+ pride festivals came around during the month of June (LGBTQA+ Pride Month), I learned that my simple blue socks weren’t going to cut it anymore. I found a whole new world of unicorn socks and rainbow socks that added to my growing collection of pride clothing.

This was just the start to my growing sock drawer. This first job out of college required me to dress very formally; however, I learned that I could still add some excitement to my day with cool socks. Believe it or not, fun socks get a lot of credit for breaking me out of my shell and boosting my self-confidence.

Last year, in 2016, in part from this fun sock inspiration and passion, I was fortunate to land a job with Socksmith. At Socksmith, diversity of all kinds is celebrated and I’m incredibly thankful for that. I’m not required to dress formally anymore, in fact… as long as I’m wearing some sort of clothing, I think I’ll pass the Socksmith dress code. (I’m not one to push those kinds of limits though). Fun socks required!

Here at Socksmith, we want the world to smile. If you have a sock story we would love to hear from you ( If you’re still hiding in your shell, we promise it gets better… keep fighting! May we suggest trying to add fun socks to your wardrobe? Or some LGBTQA+ socks, perhaps? It’s amazing what a pair of unicorn, taco, mermaid, or peace sign socks can do to your soul. And if you’re not ready to be out and proud about it yet, fun socks can be your own little secret under your pant leg!

We recently read an inspiring story on, about Alaina Leary, who tells her coming out story and the impact of her “wacky outfits.” Way to be out and proud, Alaina! June is National LGBTQA+ Pride month. Enjoy the celebrations!

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