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Oh My, Look at All That Pi!

Oh My, Look at All That Pi!

Happy Pi Day! On March 14, math lovers and science nerds all over the world get to celebrate this punny and numerical holiday. What is Pi Day, you ask? Well to answer that, first we have to figure out what “Pi” is!

In math, Pi is what's called a constant number, which means it is always the same thing. It is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Historians and mathematicians have always found that any time you measure a circle, the circumference (the measure of the circle around) is always a little bit more than three times the circle's diameter (the width across). In numerical form, it is a very, very long decimal that is often shortened to 3.14. Even though we often think about Pi in these three numbers, there are TRILLIONS of digits that follow. But don't you think 3.14 is just way easier to remember?! Almost as easy as remembering to put on your Pi socks or other math socks on Pi Day!

For those who aren’t geeking out about the numerical definition of the holiday… it’s Pie Day! In normal life, Pie is a baked dish made of pastry dough filled with sweet or savory ingredients. Basically, it’s brilliance in a dish…. Quite similar to the brilliance of the ancient Egyptians figuring out the mathematical definition of Pi. Well, maybe not exactly… but pie is pretty dang good.

Since 1988 or maybe even earlier, it has been a day to celebrate math. Physicist Larry Shaw organized an event at the San Francisco Exploratorium in Pi's honor, and the Exploratorium still holds the party to this day. If only they had our Pi socks back in 1988, they could have made it a REAL party!

Math Socks Make Math Problems More Fun

Let’s face it: Math isn’t always known for being the life of the academic party. What a better way to make Math, Geometry, and Pi more fun than to dress it up in funky socks? Whether you opt for Pi socks, pie socks, or math socks of any style, you’re sure to at least earn some cool points with your math teacher! Wear them loud and proud to celebrate your love for geometry on Pi Day, or wear them to boost your confidence in the math department on the day of a big test! Also, it’s like the ultimate cheat sheet if your test is to memorize the digits of Pi…. shhh ;)

Have a Pi Day Party With Pi Socks For All!

Here at Socksmith, we love any excuse for a party. Even one that’s centered around math! Or better yet, on Pi Day, let’s make it about Pie! Indulge in an apple pie, chocolate cream pie, or any type of pie on Pi Day—and make sure to rock your Pi socks and be on theme all day long!

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