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Mismatched Socks - We Go Together Like rama lama lama...

Mismatched Socks - We Go Together Like rama lama lama...

If you can finish these song lyrics, you were probably born long before 1978, which is the year the movie Grease was produced. But even if you were born in 2008, you can probably appreciate the song’s theme of compatibility, and sock pairings that goes beyond having the exact same style on both feet.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and with so many great styles, sometimes it’s hard to wear just one style at a time. You can jump on the mismatched sock trend and sport these compatible, yet not-quite matching socks all by yourself, or recruit a friend or two, and create your own team-building exercise. What could be better for you and your crew to wear to brunch than mimosa socks, with bacon and eggs socks, and pancake socks, and latte socks.

With so many BBQ’s taking place this month, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to share your corn socks and grilled meat socks with your hungry friends. Don’t forget the Corona socks to quench your thirst.

Get the Party Started with Fun Three Packs

For the kids, we’ve been nice enough to put many of the compatible socks together in three packs, which takes the guess work out of this style movement. Kick off the next sleepover party with themed socks for your gang. Sharks, turtles, and whale socks are the perfect ice-breaker. And if there’s dancing involved, the sparkle party three-pack should help turn the shyest wallflower into a twinkletoes.

Walk in Peace and Harmony with a Different Sock for Each Foot

Planning on touring any of our nation’s wonderful parks this month (internal link to National Parks blog)? Outfit your group with forest and Mount Rushmore socks to show your appreciation of the National Parks act, signed by Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

Maybe nature isn’t your thing, but you’re still planning on leaving Kansas at least once this summer. Let your feet follow the yellow brick road in our monkey of oz, cheshire cat, lion, tiger, and bear socks. Oh my!

Wherever your feet take you this summer, we wish you a safe and happy journey, making memories and new friends. We think mismatched socks will maximize your enjoyment, and give these precious summer days an added element of fun fashion. Go for it! Show up for your next picnic with Reagan on your right foot and Obama on your left. How’s that for bipartisan cooperation?

Photo credit: @thelifeofprada1

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