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MAGIC - Socksmith Trade Show Life

MAGIC - Socksmith Trade Show Life

As a small, ever-changing, and rapidly growing brand, Socksmith participates in many trade shows, in order to meet our wonderful retail accounts from all over the world.  There are very few months in the year where you won't find us in a booth, clipboards in hand, writing orders and meeting new people. It’s exhilarating, exhausting, and part of the way we live our lives. Good thing we have our coffee socks to help us through the day!

Recently, we were in Las Vegas, attending a show called MAGIC, which hosts thousands of brands and thousands of people from all over the world. Socksmith had a 400 square foot booth, up to 6 people having countless conversations with familiar faces, and many new faces learning about Socksmith. Nearly every sock we make received lots of attention.  I'm happy to say, people love our socks!

Are All Trade Shows The Same?

Occasionally, attending trade shows month after month can get a little tiresome. Sometimes, at the end of a trade show day, our mood would best be represented by our Let’s Get Smashed socks. But with our enthusiasm for the Socksmith brand, we slip on anything that conveys high energy - ninja cat socks, coffee socks - and they always get a reaction. Almost everyone who visits our booth asks, "what socks are you wearing?".  We show a lot of ankle at these shows!

This most recent trade show, MAGIC is much different than many of the others, in that it’s simply too large to describe.  With over 2 million square feet, one can get lost (and people do).  This is the largest trade show, this close to our home in Santa Cruz, that Socksmith attends.  Standing on your feet talking for nine hours, barely eating lunch (sometimes we don’t), and being lucky to drink a whole bottle of water, is part of the game. Ninja cat socks keep our spirits and energy high.

Glamorous? Maybe a Little…

Often times we hear, “You’re so lucky, you get to travel all the time and do these shows!  It’s so cool!”  Yep, that’s us - we’re trade show celebrities, just like Ninja Cat! Glamorous or not, we love connecting with our sock-loving community, and sharing the passion for fun fashion.

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