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Let There Beer Socks!

Let There Beer Socks!

Beer fans, rejoice! We’ve got just the sock for you. Looking for the perfect socks to wear while home brewing your latest craft creation? Or heading out for a brew and want to look your best? If beer socks aren’t just right for the occasion, we don’t know what is.

In Santa Cruz, there are numerous local breweries. Some of Socksmith’s photoshoots are even held at some of these local haunts. Make sure you support your local businesses! We can’t image a better small business to support, than your local brewery!

Pour Over This in Your Beer Socks

Have you ever thought about all the different types of beer? Ale, lager, stout—who can keep track? We got curious about what makes the varieties of beer all different from each other. Our beer socks inspired us to do a little research about the most popular beers there are!

American Lager: This is a beer that looks and tastes light. It goes perfect alongside other American faves like hot wings! Or on socks, ya know?

Amber Lager: This one's a little darker than American Lager, with a bit more flavor and more hops too. Have it with your next cheeseburger!

Brown Ale: This is a super flavorful dark beer that goes great alongside a steak or big, warm bowl of beef stew!

American Pale Ale: This beer packs lots of hops with medium color and taste. It goes great with fish and chicken… and beer socks!

India Pale Ale (IPA): Take the American Pale Ale and add fruity, citrusy, and floral notes. It goes great with pretty much everything, from meat to fish to cheese.

Stout: Think Guinness when you think of stout beer: super dark, almost coffee-like in color and flavor. It's heavy and feels like a meal all its own! But it's even better to wash down oysters or chocolate. Or possibly wear on your feet!

Corona Extra: A refreshingly smooth beer with the perfect balance between hops and malt. Stay tuned in May 2017 to discover your favorite beer on your new favorite socks! ;)

Which Beer Goes Best with Beer Socks?

It’s a question for the ages. What drink goes with these socks?! (Wait, you mean everyone else hasn’t been asking that question?)

The answer is simple: Whichever one is your favorite! If you’re the type to wear a pair of beer socks, chances are you’re the type who knows their beer. You know which type you like to drink on Fridays after work. What’s better than kicking up your feet, which are nice and warm wearing your favorite beer socks, and relaxing with a cold, tasty beer? Nothing!

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