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June Socks - Kick Off Summer Right

June Socks - Kick Off Summer Right

June is a great month full of sunshine, celebrations and the beginning of summer. While contemplating June, we were fascinated by the abundance of special days in this month - days that are recognized as "a thing". There are so many, in fact, that you could celebrate a different theme every single day. Along with the traditional Father's Day and graduations, we have such options as Heimlich Maneuver Day (6/1) and National Selfie Day (6/21). We found a treasure of special themes on June first alone, and we have a trove of special socks to help you get in the spirit.

Dare Your Bubba to Wear Donut Socks

Dare Day is June 1, and Socksmith dares you to ditch your boring socks for something snazzier.  We've got all the style you need to start your summer off right. For example, you'll be sunny weather ready in a pair of summer cooler socks.

June 1 is also National Bubba Day. Bubba is a term of endearment for a brother. This moniker hails from the southern United States, and might be less recognized above the Mason-Dixon Line. Show your bubba some love with a pair of Texas socks this year.

Another delightful celebration on June 1 is National Donut Day. Yum! We have the perfect treat of donut socks for men, women, and kids to wear on this day. Curb your cravings with this delicious confection by wearing them on your feet.

Flip a Coin Day is also June 1, and frankly, this is sometimes how we choose which socks to put on in the morning, since we all have such extensive collections.

In Nice Socks, Every Day is a Sunshine Day

Finally, on the first we have Say Something Nice Day. This is a favorite of ours, as we believe nice is the way to go. And when you spend your whole day with socks, nice is practically guaranteed. Need to instill some nice feelings in an office mate? Try gifting them some summer cooler socks. The shorter, more summery length and the refreshing image is bound to give anyone nice feelings. And if that doesn’t work, this video might get them dancing around like the Brady Bunch.

National Trails Day is the first Saturday of June. Here in Santa Cruz, we are surrounded by natural beauty and plenty of options to honor this day with a nice long hike. If you’re not so lucky and find yourself stuck inside on this day, some bamboo forest socks could just help you through it.

June 3 is Repeat Day. Yup, Repeat Day. Go nuts acting like a five year old by repeating everything your friends say.  However, we advise against repeating yesterday's socks, since this would probably result in you spending Repeat Day alone. Do we need to repeat this?

June 5 is National Moonshine Day. Is June not going as smoothly as you anticipated by now? A sip of bathtub gin may be in order to help soften the blow. If you’re not a drinker, you might opt for moonshine socks instead. That is, if you haven’t already worn them on Bubba Day.

June 5 is also World Environment Day. Enjoying nature is a great alternative to drinking moonshine in order to cure the blues. Slip on your nature socks and get outside.

Father's Day is June 18, so stay tuned for a special blog to honor these very special men.

Besides themed days, June also has a very special theme of the month. June is LGBTQA+ Pride month, and Socksmith is proud to embrace diversity. Check out our full blog on the topic here.

Whichever theme you choose to celebrate this June, we’ve got the socks to help walk you through it.

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