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Graduation Socks; Earn a BS in No BS

Graduation Socks; Earn a BS in No BS

It’s a wonderful time of year. The start of a brand new season with special celebrations; weddings, Father’s Day, and of course graduations. The most popular types of graduations are probably high school and college graduations, but in the grander scheme of things, graduation represents the transition from one phase to another. Do you know a caterpillar who’s about to develop into a butterfly? Some butterfly socks might put the right spring in their step. Whatever the progression, we definitely see it as an opportunity to be graduating from boring socks. Keep reading and earn your Bachelor of Socks degree in No Boring Socks.

College grads - Just because you’re entering the real world, doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Step into your new future with some fresh style that shows the world which way you’re heading. We have scrubs socks for the future doctor, and Frida socks for the artist. Women’s or Men’s graduation socks can smartly express your goals.

Caps, Gowns and Moon Socks

During the graduation ceremony, try throwing socks instead of your cap. It certainly seems less risky, and think of how happy the recipient will be with a pair of cap and gown socks falling on their head instead of a pointy cap. One Socksmither recalls the most memorable moment of her graduation, one that probably had her parents questioning their financial support of her education. During the diploma hand-off, one free-spirited graduate chose to moon the entire quarry stadium. Not sure what the message was here, but perhaps she could’ve just donned a pair of moon socks instead.

High School grads - Are you heading to Santa Cruz in the fall to start your university academics? Announce it to all your friends and family with our slug socks. And if sporting your school mascot is not your style, we have more subtle ways of showing your friends your future path. If you’ll be studying entomology, butterfly socks will do the trick.

Little grads - You might know a kid who’s trying to break out of a boring eating routine - graduating from “kid food” and moving on to some more sophisticated cuisine. More likely, however, it’s you that wants them to make the switch, while they’re perfectly happy having PB & J for every meal. Help get them on board with this goal with some sushi socks.

Never Too Old for Something New

Senior grads - We’re living longer these days, which means more time to learn and make new changes. Do you know a 76 year-old who’s in training to become a yoga teacher? Show her some recognition with some yoga socks.

No matter what chapter of life you’re transitioning from, we have the footwear to help you go from caterpillar to butterfly. Graduation socks are the way to go. Graduate to a fun style choice - cool socks!

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