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Cut it Out! Different Sock Cut Styles for Everyone!

Cut it Out! Different Sock Cut Styles for Everyone!

Ever wonder what the deal is with all those different styles of socks? Not sure if you’re more of a crew cut or knee high cut kind of person? At Socksmith, we’re all about diversity. And our different sock cuts are one more way to introduce creativity to your sock drawer. No more boring socks means a variety of sizes as well as styles.

No Show Socks 

For when you want to play the “barely there” game, pick a no show sock. These socks hit below the ankle bone and stay hidden inside most shoes. They’re the ideal choice when you want to feature the shoe and not the sock. Our bamboo no show liner socks are perfect for this. These no show socks deliver all-day performance without announcing it to the world.

Low Cut Socks
But who are we kidding? It won’t be long before you want to share your socks with the world again. Our ped socks are the next size up and the low cut option to tease your sock audience. A low cut sock is a bit taller than a no show sock, but not quite on full display. Low cut ped socks are great with sneakers, mules, or mary janes and best with no shoes at all, so you can admire our adorable prints in all their glory.

Crew Cut Socks

This sock cut is a Socksmith favorite—can you guess why? Crew cut socks come up six to eight inches above your shoe, so there’s plenty of room for fun, wild, and wonderful patterns! They’ll keep you nice and toasty warm and let no cold air get to those delicate ankles. They also won’t ride down into your shoes. This sock cut fits with virtually any type of pant. Or shorts or skirt, or mumu… if you want to rock your funky socks and put your personality on display! We choose the latter option, because we’re just funky cool that way.

Knee High Socks

The taller the sock, the more fun to enjoy. Knee high socks are great for crossfit, working out, and powerlifting. They are also good to wear under boots and when you need an extra layer against the cold. Plus, the more fabric, the more room for those patterns and prints. (We think choosing this cut is a no-brainer!) 

Over the Knee Socks

If you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal with your sock repertoire, then grab a pair of over the knee socks. With this cut, it’s all about the socks, baby. Under the boots and below the skirt, nothing says sock confidence like these bad boys.

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