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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Perfect Pair of Colorful Socks

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Perfect Pair of Colorful Socks

Happy Valentine’s Day! Every year on February 14, we celebrate this day of love. We usually think of boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives on this day of red hearts and roses, but our family believes Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show love to anyone in your life! With special feelings in the air, this day is the perfect opportunity to say, “I love you” to everyone who means something special to you. This could be a romantic love, or even love for your siblings, parents, children, friends, local barista… and yourself! (We certainly wouldn’t snitch if you professed your love to your favorite pair of Cupid socks, for example.)

It's hard to say for sure how Valentine's Day came to be. There are traces of ancient Roman and Christian traditions in the holiday we celebrate today, but who exactly is Saint Valentine? The most popular (and most romantic) belief is that Saint Valentine lived in Rome during the third century A.D. He is said to have secretly performed weddings for couples in love, when Emperor Claudius II banned marriage. The Emperor believed that unmarried men were stronger soldiers, but Saint Valentine believed young lovers should be able to be married if they wished. We think he would have loved to own a pair of Lab-or of Love socks! They’re the perfect accessory for any hopeless romantic.

Treat Your Valentine’s Feet to Colorful Socks

This Valentine’s Day, why not break tradition? Flowers, candy, and cards make fine Valentine’s gifts, but they are gone within a few days. (Who can make a box of delicious chocolates last longer than a week?!) But when you go the more unconventional route, you can make your Valentine feel extra special the whole year through.

A cozy pair of Tart Hearts socks shows your favorite person how much you care. Think about it: your gift will keep their feet nice and warm in this chilly winter month. Plus, they can wear them all year long and remember your sweet February gift. Every time they pull on a pair of Elephant Love socks or Fox Lover socks, they’ll be reminded of how you stepped up your Valentine’s gift game this year!

Have a Self-Date and Wear Your Valentine’s Day Socks

Just as it’s important to show other people how much you care, it’s equally important to show some love to yourself. This is hard for some of us, especially those who tend to put other people first. But we hope you take this month of love to pamper yourself a bit, too! Gift yourself a set of Heart Over the Knee socks and treat yourself to a solo date night!

These socks pair perfectly with a night in your favorite cozy pajamas. Pick your favorite movie, prepare yourself a sweet treat, light a candle, and give yourself a hug. You deserve it! Not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year long. And every time you pull these socks out of your drawer, you can remind yourself of how special you are.

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