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Celebrate National Walk To Work Day With Stop Sign Socks!

Celebrate National Walk To Work Day With Stop Sign Socks!

How far do you live from work? The average American commuter works 15 miles from home. Many will drive; however, public transport is also a common method. This may seem like a bit too far to celebrate Walk to Work Day; however, we challenge you to at least walk to the bus or train station.

On April 7th, thousands of people across the country will forgo the car, get some fresh air, and walk to work! Take a hint from our fun socks... STOP being a couch potato for the day and walk to work! But make sure you slip on those stop sign socks to remind you of those important signs on your walk.

It’s a great day to recognize the benefits of walking for both our bodies and the environment. In today’s world, we so often forget that there is more to life than working and sleeping. Take a little extra time to appreciate the things you usually miss on your commute… the sun peeking through the clouds, the wind in your face, the sounds of birds flying overhead, and the fresh grass along the sidewalk.

Here at Socksmith, we definitely promote the idea that there is more to life than work and sleep. Wearing fun socks can be that subtle reminder to enjoy life and live in the moment. Walking to work can help you reconnect with the environment and provide you with a mental and physical health boost. Fun tip! You can even use your socks as a reminder… stop sign socks will remind you to stop being a couch potato (we have couch potato socks too!)

STOP Making Excuses!

The American Heart Association recommends an average of  30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per day. Walking is a great way to reach this goal, helping you to increase your physical and mental health. This may help boost your overall happiness and stress levels, as well. We tend to think that our stop sign socks and couch potato socks increase happiness, too! Or better yet, wear them both at once for double the smiles!

Take advantage of National Walk to Work Day and join the thousands of people across the country in ditching the four wheels on April 7th. Use the day to motivate and start building healthy habits into your life.

As always, Socksmith is here to help motivate and make the walk more fun… have you seen our fun socks? Walk like a raptor and shock your coworkers in your raptor socks. Or take a walk through the woods in Bigfoot socks, just watch out for those Bigfoot Hunters! Most importantly, when walking to work, please obey all traffic laws… use your stop sign socks as a reminder!

STOP Wasting Time!

Spring is the perfect time to get into the habit of walking more, starting with National Walk to Work Day. Sure, you’ll have to head out for the office a little earlier, but with the sun up earlier and the temperature warming up, who can complain? Just think of it as more much-needed face time with Mother Nature.

Sport a pair of stop sign socks for your walk on National Walk to Work Day, or any other day you need a boost of motivation to keep you on your feet and off the couch!

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