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A Community of Sock Lovers

A Community of Sock Lovers

Socksmith sock designs are full of dogs, cats, birds, sea creatures, and many more animals. We recently did an Instagram collaboration with some awesome folks and discovered a whole new community of sock lovers… animals! From a dog named Corona wearing Corona socks, to a French Bulldog wearing Frenchie socks, we have socks for every animal-loving human and every human-loving animal. This gives the phrase “animal socks” a whole new meaning.

The Power of Community

Here at Socksmith, we are surrounded by socks, all day every day; in the office, on our feet, and in our sock drawers. People who wear fun socks are part of a community of free-thinking, fun, and creative individuals. This pet collaboration has shown us, once again, how much fun socks can join people… and animals!... together.

With all the crazy news being reported in the world, fun, animal socks are a great form of therapy. President of Socksmith, Eric Gil put it best when he said, “We live in interesting times and need interesting socks.” The love of animals and fun socks can create happy moments. Most of the time these days, you go to Facebook or Instagram and you’re scrolling past depressing or fake news. We hope to add smiles to your day, through cute animals, and animal socks!

 How Animals Can Make a Difference

How can you not smile when you see a pug wearing fast food socks, saying “these socks are meant for humans but I’m a rebel and do what I want”? Or a cat sitting in a box, holding cat in a box socks! We have been really excited to collaborate with these animals, and their humans! The world is full of individuals, but when you work together, amazing things can happen.

After the sock collaboration, we were approached by Tori, Amelia and Pippi’s human (@lifewithcollies), who proposed to use her photography skills and our fun animal socks, to help shelter dogs get adopted. We can’t wait to see what the dog-loving community can continue to do!

Photo credit: @thelifeofprada1

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