Rasta Lion - 3D Printed
3D Printed

Rasta Lion

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Instant mellow when you put these rasta socks on. It will be hard to have a bad day with these on your feet!

Our apologies to weed enthusiasts who ended up here because of the Jamaican Lion strain, but while you are here...we have some psychedelic socks for you.

Who doesn't like surprises? Sock of the Month gives you two surprise pairs a month (along with other goodies) and free shipping on your orders.

88% Polyester, 8% Cotton, 4% Spandex
Product size options:
  • L/XL 10-13 (Women's Shoe Size 10.5+ and Men's Shoe Size 9-13)
  • S/M 9-11 (Women's Shoe Size 6-10.5 and Men's Shoe Size 5-9)
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