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Who Says Holiday Socks are Only for Winter

Who Says Holiday Socks are Only for Winter

After releasing our Fall Collection in late June, we understand it’s a little early for some people to think about it being fall yet. As we are clearly still in the middle of summer with bright blue skies and record breaking temperatures, we like to at least save the new holiday socks for August. As kids are going back to school and fall is imminent, Socksmith likes to spread some smiles with fun holiday socks. But honestly, who are we kidding… when they’re this cute, we wear holiday socks all year round!

Halloween Socks to Keep the Omens at Bay

Watch out for black cats crossing your path. Those black cats are even more ominous when they are witch cats! Keep your walking path clear this Halloween season with witch cat socks. Keeping with the menacing holiday theme, the turkeys have decided to revolt this Thanksgiving! They are tired of being hunted and eaten, so they have grabbed their torches and pitchforks and taken to the streets… so watch out! Wear your turkey socks this Thanksgiving to show your support, and maybe the revolting turkeys will go easy on you… maybe. (note: no turkeys were harmed in the stitching of Socksmith turkey socks)

Let Your Feet Have Fun this Winter

Taking a break from the ominous theme… only on our socks of course! We have released some cheerful socks for the holidays and the winter season. Owl you ready for winter? You don’t have to be ready for the cold and snow shoveling quite yet, but show off your love of the beautiful winter wonderland outside your window, while you wear your cocoa Christmas socks. Or, you could be like some of us here in Santa Cruz… when it gets to below 65 degrees, we must turn on the heater and drink hot cocoa.

When it officially turns into winter, we all know you’ll be missing the sweet warmth of summertime. So, we decided to remind you of those happy summer days with sand snowman socks. Or, like we do here at Socksmith, no one is stopping you from wearing holiday socks all year long! Also, who says Corona is only for the summertime? Enjoy a refreshing Corona after you finish hanging those holiday lights. But don’t forget your Corona holiday socks, Coronavidad!

Have you been a good boy or girl this year? Watch out, because Santa Claus has transformed into Raptor Claus! We have transformed everyone’s favorite dinosaur socks into a Santa Raptor going down a chimney. He’s delivering stockings full of coal this year. Some people think receiving socks for the holidays is like receiving coal; however, how can you be sad when you get to enjoy those fun Christmas socks all year round?

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