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Spin the Dreidel, Light the Menorah, Wear Cute Socks, and Dance the Hora

Spin the Dreidel, Light the Menorah, Wear Cute Socks, and Dance the Hora

Hanukkah is almost here, and it’s a time for family and celebration! Whether you celebrate it or just want to learn more about this important Jewish holiday, you have probably heard of the dreidel, the menorah, and the horah. But do you know what they represent this time of year?

Spin the Dreidel (in Hanukkah Socks!)

The tune may sound familiar: “Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay…” Most dreidels are store bought nowadays, but the game is still played in many households during Hanukkah. It’s a small spinning top with four sides, each stamped with a symbol. The symbols represent “nothing,” “half,” “all,” and “put in.” When it’s your turn, you spin the dreidel to see how much you get or have to give up to the pot of gold. (And by “gold”, we usually mean chocolate coins, but we think it’d be fun to add in some Hanukkah socks!) Or, you can wear some dreidel socks while playing the game… it’s sure to give you a bit of luck!

Light the Menorah (Wearing Menorah Socks!)

The menorah holds nine candles, four on each side to represent the eight nights of Hanukkah, and one in the middle to light the other eight. The word "menorah" means "lamp" in Hebrew. The first candle and the helper candle are lit at sundown on the first night of Hanukkah, and each of the other seven candles are lit each day while the holiday is celebrated. Dress for the occasion with menorah socks.

Wear Hanukkah Socks and Dance the Hora

The Horah is a group dance performed to Israeli folk music, usually "Hava Nagila." Dancers stand in a circle, hold hands, and take steps in a traditional pattern. It's popular at weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other times of celebration.

Dress in Hanukkah Socks!

Did you know Socksmith’s menorah socks can pass for a fancy pair, if you want to dress to the nines? They can add a bit of fun and self expression to those dress clothes.

And if you’ll just be celebrating quietly at home, you’ll want to be as comfy as possible, of course. What better way to be cozy during Hanukkah than to relax in socks, stamped with the menorah? Or maybe you’ll choose a pair of dreidel socks instead? Happy Hanukkah, from the Socksmith family to yours!

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