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Socksmith’s Team Picks for Cozy, Fashionable Feet

Socksmith’s Team Picks for Cozy, Fashionable Feet

Fashion is self-expression; nothing is better than feeling put together from head to toe. When it comes to socks, comfort should be non-negotiable. 

The folks at Socksmith work hard to produce unique, quality socks in fun, fabulous designs. Whether you choose yours based on fabric, style, or design, Socksmith will undoubtedly have the perfect socks for you to meet your match. This post will share the Socksmith team's top picks for cozy, fashionable feet. 

Fabulous Fabrics

Socks come in many fabrics: bamboo, cotton, polyester, wool, recycled, and blends. Regardless of your preference, look for padded footbeds, moisture-wicking fabrics, and arch support to ensure comfort.


Many of the Socksmith team choose bamboo for everyday wear. Now one of our fastest-growing categories, our bamboo collection features characteristics similar to cashmere and silk.

Socksmith’s source for our bamboo material is certified by OCIA, making it entirely safe for your body. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 tests for regulated and non-regulated substances suspected of being dangerous to human health. Every pair of our bamboo socks is OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified, meaning no harmful chemicals are present when you put them on.

Naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable, our bamboo socks provide maximum breathability for drier feet.

Our Bamboo Picks

Honey in the Bank:

Maria, Socksmith’s Customer Service Manager, and Courtney, our Customer Service Lead, promise you’ll bee in love with their favorite “Honey in the Bank” bamboo socks. 

Sunflowers (Maria’s favorites) make the socks bright and cheerful, and she thinks the bees are too cute.

Courtney describes herself as “a big advocate of honeybee conservation” and likes that the socks feature vital insects. She says, “The more awareness there is, the better things will be for our pollinators."

This style is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Its fabric content includes 57% rayon from bamboo, 41% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Birds of Paradise:

Kat, our Social Media Manager, and Leah, Socksmith's Developer and Graphic Designer, are big fans of bamboo and share a fave sock, “Birds of Paradise.”

Kat says, "Bamboo socks are my favorite everyday sock because they're super duper soft on the feet. As for this specific design, aside from being colorful and beautiful with details on the bottom of the socks, I am utterly intrigued by the way that a plant can adapt and evolve to look like an animal, in this case, the bird of paradise. Has it evolved to scare predators away? To fool prey? Was it just a coincidence? Absolutely fascinating!"

Leah shares that she “loves our bamboo socks because they are so luxurious. It's the first thing I reach for in my (overflowing!) sock drawer. This design is my favorite because of the sneaky pattern on the sole."

This style is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Its fabric content includes 68% Rayon From Bamboo, 30% Nylon, and 2% Spandex.

Cherry Blossoms:

Letitia, Accounts Receivable Manager, can almost smell the sweet cherry blossoms featured on our magnificent “Cherry Blossom” socks. She chose this design as her favorite for its beauty and softness.
“It's a beautiful sock. The pink heel and toe are perfect complements to the jade background. It makes me smile just looking at them, just as I do when I see the cherry blossoms in bloom.”

Letitia is quick to add that she’d never sacrifice comfort for beauty. “I love how soft these socks are. They’re just the right thickness for my lace-up leather high tops.”

This style is available in sock sizes 9-11 and fits U.S. women’s shoe sizes 5-10.5. Its fabric content includes 62% rayon from bamboo, 36% nylon, and 2% spandex.

The Wave:

Socksmith Warehouse Manager, David, is an active cyclist who loves the look and comfort of “The Wave” bamboo socks.

He says, “This is a beautiful design, and I can never complain about a bamboo sock on my feet. So many great memories wearing these socks–I wore these during my Chico Century and Haleakala Crater bike ride.”

This style is available in men’s sizing. Its fabric content includes 70% rayon from bamboo, 28% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Nice Acoustics:

Socksmith’s President, Sean, has a secret. He’s a “wannabe budding guitar player– who’s absolutely terrible.” 

Ain’t it great that socks can add a little touch of daring and flare to your everyday life? The “Nice Acoustics” socks make Sean happy, and according to him, they are the “closest I can get to being near a guitar without walking around all day with one flung across my shoulder.”

(Personally, we’d love to hear him play.)

Our Nice Acoustic design is available in men’s sizing and is 70% rayon from bamboo, 28% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Tiger Floral:

Warehouse wonder, Rhena, shares an attachment to our beautifully untamed “Tiger Floral” socks. 

She shares, “I was born in the year of the tiger. This sock is fierce but shows gentleness at the same time with a little flower on it. Seeing this reminds me to always be courageous yet kind.”

This style is available in sock sizes 9-11 and fits U.S. women’s shoe sizes 5-10.5. Its fabric blend includes 59% rayon from bamboo, 39% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Fan the Flames:

Unleash the dragon–we've fanned the flames of sock design with this one! (We also caught the Logistic and IT Manager, Ricardo’s eye.)

Ricardo is a big fan of the “colorful, fiery dragon” blazing across these socks. He also appreciates that the “bamboo fabric keeps my feet cool.”  What a delicious blend of fire and ice, no?

“Fan the Flames” is available in sock sizes 10-13 and fits U.S. men’s shoe sizes 7-12.5. Its fiber content comprises 68% rayon from bamboo, 30% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Recycled Wool

Recycled wool is a fabric that offers several benefits. Not only is the material soft and warm, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Our recycled wool socks are:

  • Sustainable: each pair of socks is sourced from recycled materials.

  • Comfortable: features a cushioned footbed with added padding for heel, arch, and toe comfort.

  • Supportive: with light compression that provides dynamic arch support to lessen fatigue. 

Our Recycled Wool Pick

Craft Beer:

Carlos, Socksmith Warehouse Worker Extraordinaire, is a big fan of our recycled wool socks, particularly the Craft Beer design. He likes to wear his wool-blend hosiery while sipping a cold one and says that “the color and the softness” of the socks make them his all-time favorite.

This design is offered in unisex sizing. S/MD fits women’s shoe sizes 7-10.5, men’s shoe sizes 5-9, and L/XL fits women’s shoe sizes 9-13.5 and men’s shoe sizes 10.5-15. Its fabric content includes 61% nylon, 21% recycled polyester, 15% recycled wool, and 3% spandex.

Unsurpassed Style

Socksmith may be best known for our colorful, unique, wildly fun Athletic Novelty Knit Collection. Created with our “Life is too short to wear boring socks” motto in mind, each design from our Athletic Novelty Knit Collection is manufactured using ribbed cotton to produce a crew-length sock with a cushioned footbed, arch support, and flat knit seamless toe.

All of which goes to say, these socks offer a heavenly combination of fashion and function! (That might be why several of our staff members named an Athletic Novelty sock their favorite.)

Our Athletic Picks

Here for the Beer:

Maybe Henry, our Director of Operations, should plan a night out with Carlos? They might enjoy the same beverage. Henry named “Here for the Beer” his Socksmith go-to pair. 

Henry minces no words when explaining his affinity for his beer socks: “I love the comfortable, cushioned bottom. These socks stay up on the leg, and you know I likes me some BEER! When I wear these socks, they always give me a little more hizzle in my schnizzle.”

And honestly, who among us couldn’t use more schizzle?

This design is offered in unisex sizing. S/MD fits women’s shoe sizes 7-10.5, men’s shoe sizes 5-9, and L/XL fits women’s shoe sizes 9-13.5 and men’s shoe sizes 10.5-15. 

Watermelon Summer:

Ahhh… Sunny days, summer sun, and red, ripe watermelon. What could be better?

Seferino, who works in the Socksmith warehouse, keeps summer days close by wearing “Watermelon Summer” Athletic socks. Seferino says the socks are “soft and warm, and they feature my favorite fruit!”

Watermelon Summer socks have a bright, fun design with many black seeds dancing among their red, fruity middle. They come in unisex sizing. S/MD fits women’s shoe sizes 7-10.5, men’s shoe sizes 5-9, and L/XL fits women’s shoe sizes 9-13.5 and men’s shoe sizes 10.5-15. 

Shark Bait:

Thankfully, Socksmith Assistant Warehouse Manager, Roy, doesn’t have any experience tangling with live sharks; still, he has an affinity for the animal that harkens back to his childhood. Roy loves his “Shark Bait” hosiery because it reminds him of a game he used to play as a kid. He likes the colors and softness of the socks as well.

If you’d like to wear these toothy snappers on your toes, you can confidently order them in Unisex sizing. S/MD fits women’s shoe sizes 7-10.5, and men’s shoe sizes 5-9, and L/XL fits women’s shoe size 10.5-15 and men’s shoe size 9-13.5. Shark Bait socks’ fiber content is 66% cotton, 33% nylon, and 1% spandex.


Everyone loves a good tie dye, and Socksmith’s “Tie Dye” Athletic Socks come in TEN festive colors! One is guaranteed to speak to you.

Two members of our fabulous staff–Katie, Creative Director, and Jessica, Director of Web Sales–didn’t hesitate to name Tie Dye their favorite! 

Katie says, “I love me some tie-dye! I have been wearing those a lot lately because athletic features are comfortable and warm for my current lifestyle. I wear them for all my activities: work, exercise, and play! (I have even been wearing them in sandals, which I never thought in a million years I would do!) Guess I'm an SC hippie through and through.”

Jessica agrees that her Tie-Dye Athletic Socks are comfy and versatile and adds that they’re all-weather. “They're super soft, wash well, and nicely fit inside my rain boots.”

A rainbow of tie-dye awaits you. Choose your favorite colors and order using unisex sizing. S/MD fits women’s shoe size 7-10.5, men’s shoe size 5-9, and L/XL fits women’s shoe size 10.5-15 and men’s shoe size 9-13.5.

Cube Tube:

Our Cube Tube design boasts a hypnotic pattern that draws you in, and it happens to be a favorite of Socksmith Designer Sarah. Of all our patterns, Sarah says, “Cube Tube is my favorite. I love a good optical illusion!”

This design seems to give the nod to Cubist Art, and we must say, we’re huge fans. If you appreciate the arts, check out Socksmith’s other artistic hosiery. You can bring the gallery to your legs and enjoy classic works of art with every step.

Distinctive Designs

Are you into sports? Music or literature? Travel to exotic places? 

Nothing makes us happier than saying, “We’ve got a sock for that!” We’re continually adding designs to our collection to represent a wide array of men’s and women’s interests. Explore, and you're sure to find something for everybody. Check out some of our staff picks!

Our Picks By Design

We love being in nature and wearing socks that reflect our love of it–animals, endangered species, and the great outdoors.

Amazing Animals

Freaky Frogs:

Socksmith Graphic Designer, Charlotte, is a massive fan of her “Freaky Frogs” socks that feature an army of adorable amphibians adorned in wizard wear. Are they wizards? Are they frogs? You decide!

Charlotte admits that her Freaky Frog socks are the “first ones I pick out after doing the laundry. It feels like the cute froggies will cast a spell for me to have a magical day!”

These socks are available in sizes 9-11 and will fit U.S. women’s shoe sizes 5-10.5. They're 50% cotton, 48% nylon, and 2% spandex fibers.


Sometimes, you see something, and it just resonates with you. That’s how it is for our Key Accounts Manager, Ricky, and his “Socktopus” socks.

“I don't know why, but these are my favorite design. I like the colors, and these socks give me a slight boost of happiness if I grab them from the drawer.”

We get it, Ricky. Who wouldn’t want their toes squeezed by brightly colored marine mollusks? 

Available in men’s or women’s sizes, Socktopus socks are 70% cotton, 27% nylon, and 3% spandex for the perfect fit.

Endangered Species

So many species of unique animals used to exist on this planet and are no longer here. With each extinction, we lose more of the stunning diversity of Earth, and we upset the intricate balance of vital ecosystems.

When we understand more about endangered or threatened species, we can be advocates for these creatures and help protect them–and our Earth–for generations to come.

Enter Socksmith’s Endangered Species Collection. These colorful, comfortable socks feature ten beautiful, endangered animals. Beyond beauty, this fashion has a purpose: 10% of the proceeds from the collection’s sales will directly benefit environmental causes in the Santa Cruz area. You can see the impact made here.



Tom, Manager of Financial and Business Analysis, is a big fan of his beastly “Orangutan” socks and Socksmith’s environmental efforts.

“I just think it's a great cause, and orangutans are cool animals that don’t get enough attention. Plus, this is a great-looking sock!”

A cute thing about orangutans: They spend 10 minutes each evening prepping their nest for sleep. (If that sounds too adorable to resist, you can adopt one here.)

Orangutan socks are available in men’s and women’s sizes.


Humans share 97% of their DNA with orangutans and 98% with gorillas! This gentle giant graces our “Gorilla” socks, and it’s one of Socksmith Inventory and Planning Manager Hunter’s favorites.

Hunter shares, “I'm quite excited about the Endangered Species category; I think it tells an important story, and I love that there's a fundraising aspect. I chose the Gorilla style specifically because I make a pretty great King Kong impression. I feel the kinship!” 

Our Gorilla sock is available in men’s and women’s sizes.

The Great Outdoors

Nothing’s better than being in the great outdoors, and several socks in our line celebrate our love of all things nature. You’ll find influences from the beach, the mountains, the deserts, and the woods. We even pay homage to some of nature’s mythical creatures!

Magic Mountain:

Krystle, Socksmith Product Developer, digs the “great retro, woodsy vibe” of our “Magic Mountain” hosiery. (If magic mushrooms can take you on a trip, imagine what a pair of Magic Mountain socks could bring!)

Offered in gorgeous rust and mossy green colors and available in women’s sizes, Magic Mushroom socks fit U.S. women’s shoe sizes 5-10.5. Their comfortable material is 59% cotton, 39% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Just a Phase:

If you’re finding your sock drawer a little uninspiring lately, try taking our Just a Phase socks out on a moonlit walk.

Whether under a waning gibbous, a waxing crescent, or even a full moon, Socksmith Warehouse worker Jonathan thinks these lunar socks would make the perfect satellite to your outfit.

“l like them because they are soft, and the color is great.” Jonathan shares. “The design? It’s unbeatable.”

This fun design is available as a crew sock for men and knee-high for women!


Just because you’ve never been proven to exist doesn’t mean you don’t exist! We chose some of the most famous legendary creatures to adorn our “Cryptid” socks, including Nessy, Bigfoot, and Mothman

Socksmith Warehouse worker Stefan wears his favorite Criptid socks as a believer. He shares, “I was once stalked by a cryptid in the deep woods of Wisconsin. Well, it might have actually been a bear, but I think Dogman or Sasquatch is clearly a more reasonable suspect. I believe it's always important to remember that these creatures lurk out there.”

Our fantastical Cryptid design is available in men’s sock sizes 10-13 and will fit men’s shoe sizes 7-12.5.

The Choice is Yours

Whether you choose your socks for their fabric, style, or design, rest assured that Socksmith has you covered. Thank you for letting us share some of our favorites with you. Our products are meant to be a constant reminder always to be your true self – unapologetically. We know that you’ll love the comfort and uniqueness of Socksmith socks just as much as we do, and we hope you enjoy expressing your fabulous self down to your toes!

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