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New Year's Re-sock-lutions: No Boring Socks!

New Year's Re-sock-lutions: No Boring Socks!

The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to shake up your life. The month of January is a great time to look at your hobbies and habits and set new goals to make you happier and healthier. Here at Socksmith, we believe that new year’s resolutions should be as fun and funky as your sock collection! You don’t need to lose 10 pounds or travel the whole globe twice in 2017. But if those are your goals, reach your goals with style and fun with some cool socks… making 2017 your best year yet!

Your Taco Socks Remind You to Eat Well and Enjoy Your Life

After a month of holiday parties and gatherings revolving around indulging in food, many think January is the perfect time for a diet re-boot! But that doesn’t mean you have to eat boring and bland foods... in fact, that’s a good way to make sure you DON’T stick to your healthy eating plans! And who wants to give up tacos?! Search for healthier taco recipes so you can make your own at home—while wearing your taco-adorned socks, of course—while saving calories and cash. Bonus: Family traditions like Tuesday - Taco Nights are fun for everyone. This new year is tasting better already! It’s not lookin’ too shabby, either!

Your Raptor Socks Remind You to Use Your Imagination

When you’re a kid, you don’t ever have to think about being creative and letting your imagination run wild. As an adult, you sometimes get stuck in the mundane office routine and have to try a little harder to believe in the unbelievable and have a little fun. Wear your raptor socks under suit pants or while running errands around town. Even if no one sees them under your pant legs, give yourself a secret little reminder that anything can be fun and playful—if you’re wearing the right socks! Let yourself have fun, get silly, and smile more this year!

Your Guitar Socks Remind You to Learn a New Skill

How long have you been making it your new year’s resolution to learn something new, like play the guitar? No more excuses—2017 is your year! And you can remind yourself of your upcoming guitar lessons every time you slip on your guitar socks.

Your Socksmith Collection Reminds You to Never Wear Boring Socks!

Cool socks are the way of the future. Help put some joy in the new year, and re-discover your fun side! Let Socksmith’s fun collection of funky socks help you in your resolution to never let your feet feel bored again!

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