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Memorial Day: Past and Present - We Honor Our Armed Forces

Memorial Day: Past and Present - We Honor Our Armed Forces

May is chock full of patriotic pride. This month, we celebrate Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day, which is part of Armed Forces Week. It is a great time to raise your American flag - or pull on your American flag socks - and thank those who serve in the military.

Memorial Day evolved from Decoration Day - a tradition of honoring our fallen soldiers of the Civil War by decorating their gravestones with flowers. After World War I, the practice was extended to all armed forces men and women killed in any war.

The Tribute Continues with Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday in May, honors the men and women who currently serve in the armed forces.

Here at Socksmith, we’re known for our fun, playful sock designs, but among things like our cat in a box socks, we are proud to feature a fair share of national pride socks. Our flag socks make us stand a bit taller. Our Washington socks remind us of our rich history and our values as a nation. And our army men socks recall the sacrifices that our bold military men and women have made to defend our freedom.

President John F. Kennedy was a naval combat officer during World War II and a strong supporter of our military while in office. We can hear his voice when we wear our JFK socks: “The courage and spirit of those who led the way established a proud tradition for the airmen who followed in World War II, Korea, and the Cold War of today.”

We’ve Come A Long Way - From Rosie to Lillian

Although not a soldier, Rosie the Riveter was born out of the war effort of World War II, and the nation’s evolving acceptance of women’s capabilities and contributions. Women’s military contributions now have greatly expanded since Rosie’s day, and we would just love to give a pair of Rosie socks to First Female Tank Officer, Lt. Lillian Polatchek, as a big congratulations!

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