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Love is Love. Pride Month at Socksmith

Love is Love. Pride Month at Socksmith

Pride month is coming to an end, and soon businesses will pack away their rainbow flags and special edition labels for the year.  

At Socksmith, being proud about who we love does not end in June. It is a daily practice in a world which seemingly sometimes barely tolerates the people celebrated by Pride. After partnering with Pride ambassadors this month, one of the most powerful themes which has been reoccurring throughout, is that if corporations put as much effort into lobbying for LGBTQ+ positive policies as they did marketing to the LGBTQ+ community during Pride, then we would not need Pride month. But as things stand, Pride month is crucial.

Socksmith was founded on the principle that self-expression is true beauty. We believe that the entire spectrum of orientation and gender is something to be proud of, and that nothing has to be binary. That is why we chose to take our Pride efforts further this year, and we partnered with individuals who are expressing their identity with full and glowing pride.

What we've been doing for Pride over the years

Our first step toward actionable change was our partnership with the Trevor Project in 2019. We have been donating $1 to the organization since it launched. So far with your help, we have donated over $34,582.00. Recently, we added non-binary and lesbian styles to the collection to represent the community in its fullest, and also released a Pride Novelty collection for every flavor of orientation. 

At the start of the pandemic last year, The Trevor Project saw an enormous increase in the need for a safe and judgment-free place to talk. As you can imagine, already alienated LGBTQ+ youth experienced increased feelings of depression and loneliness due to isolation, so this year for Pride, we are donating ALL PROFITS from our novelty collection for the month of June, to help support LGBTQ+ suicide prevention.

Learn about how COVID-19 impacted LGBTQ+ youth and how The Trevor Project stepped up to the plate.

Pride Month 2021

In addition to our financial contribution, we chose to use our platform and amplify voices from as many orientations and lifestyles as we could. For a lot of us, our coming out and pride in our orientations came when we saw someone else do the same. Maybe it was a friend, a family member, or a celebrity, but we all agreed that seeing someone who felt the same as us made us feel seen. 

So we took to the internet and found individuals who radiated their pride and gave them the spotlight here. We hope any teen, young adult, or even elder person will feel seen, loved, accepted, and comfortable in expressing their soul throughout their own lives. 

We are so thrilled, and PROUD, to share with you, our LGBTQ+ ambassadors, who are all beautiful, just as they are:

Lesbian Pride with @jazzegger

Gay Pride with @mileswhorales

Bi Pride with @j.teacake

Trans Pride with and @breakthebinary

Queer Pride with @livingwithclaireity

Ace Pride with @mayyadda

Pansexual Pride with @sheisdarko


If you, or anyone you know is struggling with their own identity, below are some resources where you can find people who are trained to help.

Queer And Trans Health Care

House of Tulip Fund

The Trevor Project’s Coming Out Handbook

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Resource List

It Gets Better

CDC LGBTQ Youth Resources

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