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Keep Your Style Healthy With Sick Socks

Keep Your Style Healthy With Sick Socks

Like so many this season, our headquarters here at Socksmith was hit by The Big Sick. That’s just another wonderful thing about socks, they don’t get sick! If it were only that way with people who wear socks… True, “sick socks” do exist, but the definition is a bit different. Sick socks are certainly not the same as sick people. As in “Yo man, those are some sick socks!” Sick, dope, rad, groovy… or however far back in time we have to go, for you to jive with the vernacular. Socksmith has both kinds of sick socks. We most definitely have plenty of sick socks! And we also have soft, comfortable, cuddly socks to help ease the burden of being sick.

Sick socks for every stage

Wouldn’t it be nice if your contagious co-workers, schoolmates, and friends would be so kind as to wear a warning sign when they’re under the weather? Or better yet, just stay home! If they insist on coming to the office, class, or your home, we’d like to suggest a few methods of indication to warn their healthy officemates. Stop sign socks are a great mid- to long-distance warning sign for the lucky ones who are still healthy. We even have different levels of warning socks available. Stage one: sniffles, mild aches. Slip on our stop sign socks and let friends know to approach with caution. Stage two: sore throat, sinus headache. You can now transition to our radioactive socks. Convey to your coworkers the increased seriousness of the situation. Stage three: coughing and so achy that it hurts to even move your eyeballs. If you still feel compelled to leave the house and expose others to your plight at this point, it’s time to pull out the big guns and wear your biohazard socks.

Sorry Not Sorry

When you’re in such a miserable state, it’s understandable that you’d want to place the blame somewhere. But, in the end, it doesn’t really matter who the culprit was. If you get sick, you’re sick! It will only bring you down further, if you spend too much time pointing the finger instead of focusing on wellness. The only exception here is intentional, targeted germ warfare. Are you one of the unfortunate souls that has an enemy in the office? Or maybe you just have a selfish individual in your group who coughs without covering their mouth, walks right on past the hand sanitizer in the lobby without a second thought, and spreads their germs like a flower girl sprinkling rose petals down the church isle. Sometimes you can spot these characters wearing Sorry Not Sorry socks, even though Biohazard socks would be a more fitting choice. If you’re nodding your head in understanding right now, watch out during flu season! These self-centered louts are a dangerous menace. You just might be thrown off guard by their sudden desire to hug you. No, it’s not because they’re waving the white flag, it’s because they have the bug and want to share it with you. This type of sharing is definitely not caring! So beware, there’s usually one in every office. You know who you are...

Mind over matter

Some of us have the mental power to simply not get sick. Never surrender! Bless their disciplined hearts (or brains). May the force be with them! We’ll bet these mavericks of visionary prowess might slip on their “No” socks at the first sign of a scratchy throat. More power to them! Stay healthy and power on, friend. Say no to germs with “No” socks and the power of the mind!

Admit defeat and flush it out

And then there’s the rest of us.... Even those who fight the good fight with zinc lozenges, fresh squeezed orange juice, and chicken soup occasionally lose the battle. There’s a point when it’s clear, that bug has planted its flag and declared victory. At this point, the effort needs to switch from prevention to recovery. Flush it out, rest, and be kind to that compromised body. Put some noodle socks on your feet, and chicken soup in your belly. Don’t forget to add the hot sauce to that soup to clear the sinuses! Hello, Tapatio socks. Past the point of natural remedies? Drugs and meds socks to the rescue! You know your body better than anyone else; do what needs to be done. Pop that cold medicine, and walk your meds socks down the western path, back to health.

Hopefully, this challenging season is coming to an end, and we can breathe a little easier. And if the flu happened to pass you by this year, congratulations! And dude, you should totally celebrate with some hella sick socks!

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