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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Medical Socks!

Just what the doctor ordered… medical socks! Wait, let’s back up. These socks don’t have any medical abilities. They won’t cure your headache or make your sprained ankle magically heal overnight. (We are still working on those in the lab!) They aren’t the cure for the common cold, but they definitely are the cure for the common sock drawer! Add a pair of fun socks to your ho-hum sock collection and be walking with so much pep in your step, people will swear you’re taking happy pills.

Fun socks are a form of self expression. Research suggests that self expression is incredibly important for one’s mental health and socks are a perfect way to brighten up your day. Free your feet from those boring fabric prisons and be bold!

Medical Socks Are For Everyone

Are you...

A nurse? We bet a big part of your job is talking to patients, giving them information, helping them feel comfortable, and caring for them. Let everyone see just how much personality you have and how much your work as a nurse means to you with a pair of medical socks!

Looking to feel more relaxed? Slip on a pair of pot socks and have all your anxious feelings melt away.

Doctor? After all those years of schooling, you could probably use a rest. Relax and treat your feet to a little bit of silliness to get the memory of those mountains of textbooks off your mind. Medical socks bring the fun and remind you of what you worked so hard for!

Tired in the early morning? After you reach for the coffee pot, make sure you don’t forget your caffeine and coffee socks! We can’t promise they will keep you awake, but they’ll definitely help you fake it!

Nursing or med student? Becoming a medical provider is no easy feat. Good for you for taking the plunge! When it’s time to take a study break, cozy up in some medical socks and melt into the couch for a much-needed hiatus from the books.

You Don’t Have to Work in Medicine to Love Medical Socks

You don’t need a prescription for med socks. You don’t even need to work in the medical field! Maybe you found your calling as a teacher or a chef, but we bet there’s a medical TV show you’re just addicted to. Grey’s Anatomy? ER? House? Dress the part for your next binge-watching session and rock your medical socks! We hear they help you appreciate the storylines even more!

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