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How to Fold Socks (backed by science)

How to Fold Socks (backed by science)

Some days we walk this earth believing that we know everything, and then there are days like today when we are proven wrong, and the world is once again strange and beautiful. 

The concept for this blog started as a cute idea, a fun little letter to all of you about how to fold socks, but once we stepped into the research, it was apparent we were wading into deep, deep waters. The science of sock folding is much more nuanced than we could ever anticipate. To the average person, sock folding requires nothing more than stuffing one sock into the other. All good and well if you don’t mind that your sock drawer looks like a party of sad, lumpy sausages. In fact, the saggy sausage fold is one of the most common techniques used today. It is quick, takes little to no effort, and does the one job a task like folding socks needs to do: keep your socks together. However, several other folds will revolutionize (yes, as in cause a full-scale revolution) your laundry game.

But first, do not waste your time with this fold

This useless method does not have a name. It's hands down the worst of the dozen techniques and philosophies behind sock folding. In fact, it is so bad that we felt like we had to include it just to ensure no one else does this (and if you use this fold, we would like to enlighten you). This method involves stacking the two socks on top of each other and then folding them in half. That’s it. 

Remember when we said the essence of a good sock fold is that it should keep your socks together? This fold does the exact opposite. In fact, this fold is toxic and harmful to our mental health for one reason: All the work you did putting the socks together goes in the trash. Your time is wasted not just on folding them but also in the future when you inevitably mix the whole drawer looking for socks. Buhh, maybe odd socks will be in one day...No! Never!

Military Style (AKA: The Army Pack Hack)

The Military Style Sock Fold

Contrasted with the “Do Not Use” fold, the military fold will look like a stroke of genius. This fold places both socks on top of each other and rolls from the toes up into a lovely little sock cinnamon roll. From there, take one of the openings and wrap it around the whole bundle. If you have done it right, the bundle should be practically indestructible and immune to any shifting or moving in your suitcase or in your drawer. We cannot believe we give this information for free, but this clean little fold is one of our new favorites...

Cross Fold (AKA: The Millionaire's Fold)

The Cross Fold

Okay, so socks rolled into a cylinder is giving you the heebie-jeebies? More of a “flat stack” kind of person? We hear you. This next fold will help even the most intense sock collection fit into a single drawer.

This is how to fold socks using the Millionaire's Method. Take your socks and crisscross them together. Fold the toe into the middle, then take the other end and fold it on top. Take the unfolded sock and tuck the toe into the top opening. Fold the final untucked piece of the sock over the top. What you should have is a neat, flat square that is linked together for safety and security!

The Laundry Loather's Fold

The Laundry Loather

This is how to fold your socks when you couldn't care less about the end result. All you want at the end of the day is for your bedroom floor to be free of clean laundry. The beauty of this method is that it does not even require you to match socks. Are we speaking your language now?

To execute the Laundry Loather’s Fold, dump all your laundry into one pile and sort through the mess to locate your socks. Throw them across the room to a separate pile. Once you are sure you have gotten all your socks together, scoop up the pile and shove it into a drawer. The key to all this is to hope and pray that the dimensions of your drawer will change so that the sock ball you are trying to shove in there can disappear for good. Bonus points if you can close the drawer afterward, but even that is optional!

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