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Hey, You Guys Should Make Boot Socks

Hey, You Guys Should Make Boot Socks

When you’re a sock company, designing fun and crazy socks on the beautiful coast of Santa Cruz, California, using color is a way of life.  You could say it’s in our DNA.  Mandrill socks, Frida Kahlo socks, dozens of dog and cat socks, you name it, we probably design it.  We travel across the country, going to trade show after trade show – from New York to California, and many, many cities in between – telling the colorful Socksmith story.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests.  “Hey, ever thought about doing a banana slug sock?”  Yep, we do it.  “You guys should totally do a sock with poop on it.”  Yep, we do it, it’s called the potty party sock.  “I have a great idea for you.  My cat always sits in a box.  You guys should do a sock with a cat sitting in a box.  Make sure you tell your designers.”  Um, yes, we do that too, it’s called cat in a box.

Outlands Socks – A Collection is Born

Being a design company that happens to sell amazing socks, we’re always thinking about ways we can tell our Socksmith story in new and exciting ways, and this includes new categories as well.  

This fall, we’re incredibly excited to introduce our new outdoor-inspired collection of boot socks, called Outlands!  These fantastic socks are designed with bright pop colors used as highlights, and marled yarns for the body.  In sock terms, this means they’re super fun to wear with your hiking boots, trekking around the woods or mountains, because not only are they incredibly soft and comfortable, they look cool, too!

Why So Special?

Outlands uses a cotton that’s been treated with silver ion, which means it’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and moisture wicking.  We even designed it with arch support, which helps the sock stay in place on your foot while you’re running around chasing Bigfoot in the forest (yes, we have that sock too, by the way!). Moose socks, bear socks, fish socks, pine tree socks, bee socks, raccoon socks, and so many more styles in the Outlands Collection celebrate our favorite outdoor friends. You’ll have a tough time choosing your favorite!

So this fall, get ready to take your outdoor adventuring up a notch with Socksmith’s Outlands Collection!  It’s our way bringing wonderful novelty designs into the great outdoors.

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