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Days of May - A Celebration for Any Sock Obsession You May Have

Days of May - A Celebration for Any Sock Obsession You May Have

There are as many special days in May as there are special socks at Socksmith’s command post. Ranging from significant socks to silly socks, here are a few of those interesting topics for special days in May.

Be Loyal to Your Cat Socks, So the Force Can Awaken

Loyalty Day, May 1 - We like to think of our loyal fans on this day, but there are many different kinds of loyalty. We can show loyalty to our significant others, our friends, our teachers, and even our guinea pigs. If you’re looking to show your loyalty on your socks, we suspect we’ll see a lot of corgi socks out there on this day.

Hug Your Cat Day, May 3 - No, we didn’t invent this special day, but we certainly could have! Where do we begin? Whatever your cat’s personality, or whatever kind of cat human you are, we have the unique cat socks to express that. If you don’t have your own cat, skip borrowing the neighbor’s this time and embrace some cat socks instead. You’ll feel equally comforted with a pair of persian ped socks.

Star Wars Day, May 4 - What better precursor to rowdy Cinco de Mayo than a marathon viewing of as many Star Wars chapters as you can handle. Make the event extra cozy with some couch potato socks. May the force be with you and your socks all day long.

Cinco de Mayo, May 5 (duh) - If you haven’t fully embraced spring yet, wake up! It’s time to start the party. Let the celebration begin by slipping into some Cinco de Mayo socks. Check out our full Cinco de Mayo post here.

A Lemon Sock a Day Keeps the Nurses Away?

Scurvy Awareness Day, May 2 - Dr. James Lind wrote “Treatise of the Scurvy” in 1753, which documented the results of one of the first-ever controlled medical studies. Thank you, Dr. Lind for proving the power of vitamin C. Lemon socks are a sure fire way to show some mad love for citrus. And kiwi knee high socks are a great reminder that kiwifruit contains more vitamin C than oranges.

National Nurses Day, May 6- Where would we be without these selfless, talented women and men? As much as doctors are wonderful, we all know who does the heavy lifting. Show your appreciation to the nurses you know with a pair of bamboo wave socks, to transport them out of the hospital on those extra challenging days.

So Many Special Days, Not Enough Time, Plenty of May Socks

National Tourism Day, May 7 - Or as we know it in Santa Cruz, every day except Tuesdays. Many of our sock designs are inspired by living and working in such a beautiful place. It’s no wonder our town attracts so many visitors. Our bamboo butterfly socks make a great reminder of a trip to Natural Bridges. Fiat Slug socks will commemorate a tour of the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. Then again, so would our Men’s bamboo forest socks. And surfer girl knee high socks will mark that first surf lesson.

National Lost Sock Day, May 9 - Oh, you know this is getting its own full page spread!

Clean Up Your Room Day, May 10 - Nah.

Mother’s Day, May 14 - Check out our full blog post about this very special day and all our Mother’s Day socks. We love our moms!

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