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Coca-Cola Socks!

Coca-Cola Socks!

What do you do when the world’s most recognizable brand shows up at a trade show with six people and they want to talk about socks? You freak out! Well, on the inside at least… you have to try your best to compose yourself on the outside. Once you get through that meeting, and the next, and the next, you start to form an amazing partnership. We are honored to partner with Coke, and now, one year later, we have Coca-Cola socks!

Coca-Cola Socks by Socksmith

But why would Coca-Cola want to talk to a little sock company from Santa Cruz? Here at Socksmith, we believe in the power of knitting socks for quality, durability, and design. Many other novelty socks on people’s feet these days are made through a process called sublimation, which means the graphics are printed on top of finished socks. Those socks are fun; however, the ability to have clean lines, full design coverage on the sock, and long-lasting quality is seen only in knit socks. At Socksmith, our designs are knit into our socks during the manufacturing process. Over the past few years, we have taken our ability to knit socks and formed some amazing licensing partnerships.

With our power to knit in detail, we have been able to partner with some incredible brands, such as Tapatio, Gumby, Rubik’s Cube, and Corona, to name a few. Now, we are incredibly proud to announce our most recent licensing partnership, Coca-Cola! People can show off their love of this classic brand, on their feet! From Coca-Cola, to Diet Coke, to the classic Polar Bear, there is a Coca-Cola sock design for anyone (well, at least everyone on the Coca-Cola side of the Pepsi vs Coke rivalry).

A brand recognized across the world, we are incredibly honored to partner with them. Slip on some Coke socks while you take a sip of Coke! “You can’t beat the real thing.”

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