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Celebrate President's Day with President Socks!

Celebrate President's Day with President Socks!

Happy President’s Day! A holiday observed on the third Monday of February, which honors the office of the presidency and George Washington’s birthday. Here at Socksmith, we can think of no better time to let your inner history buff rejoice and show your appreciation for your favorite commander in chief with a cool pair of president’s socks!

February 22, 1885 was the first time the holiday was recognized in the United States – George Washington’s birthday. In 1971, it became a federally recognized holiday, which turned the day into an all-encompassing observance in honor of the many presidents who have had a significant impact on US history; including, Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is also celebrated in February.

Even though some of our nation’s most important presidents have national monuments in their honor, Socksmith’s president socks can help you become a walking and talking memorial!

Make Yourself a Mini-Monument with President’s Socks!

Do you have a favorite past American president? Maybe you have a soft spot in your heart for the first man to hold the office? If so, our George Washington socks are perfect for you! (We know he approves!)

Or maybe, you’re a huge fan of the Declaration of Independence? The writer of that historic document was Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. These Jefferson socks have your name all over them!

John F. Kennedy, another great and memorable president, accomplished incredible things during his term. Honor the 35th president with JFK socks!

Abraham Lincoln, also known as “Honest Abe”, is perhaps most remembered for his delivery of the Emancipation Proclamation, which famously attempted to free slaves in the American South. Honor Honest Abe, with some Abe Lincoln socks!

President Ronald Reagan is one of recent history’s most beloved presidents. Are you a fan of “Reaganomics”? The 40th president of the U.S. is honored on our Ronald Reagan socks!

Wear Your President Socks for a Private History Lesson

No accessory will put you in a better mindset to ace that American History test, than president socks! So, pick your favorite pair and honor the holiday this year! Visit or check out your favorite streaming service for tons of documentary options on the Founding Fathers and more recent American presidents. These options make it easy to bring a fun learning opportunity to the whole family, in the comfort of your own home (and socks!)!

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