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Back to School 2021: A School Day in Socks

Back to School 2021: A School Day in Socks

We write to you with that same anxiety as when you read this title. Our kids are going back to school after what seemed like a wild dream of a year (going back to school, by the way, in a somewhat normal fashion?)

Our kids are pumped though (well, some of them), and we should be too, some normalcy sounds nice. We would like to you be able to show off some cool socks and not feel guilty about not addressing a global situation. It would feel nice to say, “hey we designed these hipster kitten socks for no reason other than they're cute,” and leave it at that. So with here goes:

Our 2021 Back to School Sock List (Unofficially, the Sock Syllabus)

We went subject by subject, extracurricular by extracurricular for students to pick out fancy footwear for their school year. Consider it a sock charcuterie board, or as an elementary student would say, “le fancy lunchable.”

For the Scientists

Our lab of science socks features planets, molecules, space exploration, and this style, specifically:




Science Lab Socks for Men and Women - Shop Now | Socksmith

Dear Parents of Musicians:

Unfortunately, we do not make headphones. Coincidentally, we do have this design:

We Got the Beet Socks for Men - Shop Now | Socksmith

But more importantly, we want to personally invite you to our listening library of music socks for your future family band.

Of Course, For the Athletes

Not just baseball and football, but some fishing and more interesting athletic hobbies here. Or maybe you are looking for comfort, something like a recycled wool sock for your fans of hiking?

Recycled Wool Socks - Made In USA - Buy Now | Socksmith

And Speaking of the Outdoors

Students of agriculture, biology, and gardening gather here, feast your eyes on these lovelies!

Bamboo Socks - King Cactus - Browse | Socksmith

Home Grown Socks - Browse | Socksmith

Or take a stroll through our flower garden 
and get yourself a bouquet. 

And for Those Field Trips to the Zoo

We have a soft spot for animals on socks, maybe it is because the animals do all the work in making the designs cute. Just look at one of our most popular designs this year:

Significant Otter Socks - Shop Now | Socksmith

Like, right? And don’t get us started on our growing collection of sloth socks:

Sloth On A Line Socks for Women - Shop Now | Socksmith

Find your students’ favorite animals here.

We Have Socks for History Too

Not even our history socks are boring! Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, and Thomas Jefferson are all featured in our historical collection, including this exquisite pair of Jane Austen socks:

Jane Austen Socks for Women - Shop Now | Socksmith

Frida Kahlo, Ella Fitzgerald, and Elvis are all hangout out here.

A Note to All Those Working in Schools

Good luck and good learning to all of you heading back to school. Thank you to the teachers, cafeteria staff, custodians, and administrations who are going back with them. We appreciate your business throughout this time, and we hope to keep bringing in sock designs you absolutely love.

A Note to All Students 

As you all pull up to school sporting any one of our pairs, know that you can get along with anyone who says they like your socks. It is friend-making 101: the same taste in socks makes for a great friendship.

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