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Wine and Dine and Adorn Your Feet!

Wine and Dine and Adorn Your Feet!

You deserve to be wined and dined! You do so much for the other people in your life. How often do you hear, “Thank You” for all that you do? Whether it’s working around the clock at the office or keeping your home in tip-top shape, we bet you spend more time each day thinking about others than you spend thinking about yourself.

To this we say: treat yourself! You’ve earned yourself a break, complete with some nice, quiet, relaxing time. Spend it however you choose! Allow Socksmith to make a suggestion, inspired by our wine socks: wine and dine yourself, just like you deserve!

Treating Yourself Starts with These Fun Wine Socks!

Let these adorable socks with wine glasses serve up some inspiration. Start here to round up everything you need for an evening of self-pampering.

  1.     Your favorite bottle of wine. Whether you like to go for a super fancy bottle or keep it casual with something out of a box, pick your favorite! No rules and no judgement. Red, white, or rosé are all great! Just make sure to pair them with your wine socks to complete the experience!
  2.     A complimentary snack. Wine and cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you pick out your bottle, ask the attendant if they can recommend a cheese to go with your wine. Or, just do your own thing! Who says white wine and pizza don’t go together? Not us! However you want to wine and dine is just fine. Wine socks, anyone?!
  3.     A binge-worthy TV show or acclaimed movie. You have permission to kick everyone else out of the living room as you wine and dine yourself—and catch up on your favorite TV shows or finally watch that tearjerker that’s been sitting in your Netflix queue for months. Reality TV? Cooking shows? The Notebook again? Your call! But might we suggest warming up those tootsies with some wine socks while you binge-watch?
  4.     No phone, no computer, no distractions. You might hear a phantom buzzing sound for the first few minutes, but we promise—it’s okay to turn off your phone and ignore your notifications once in awhile! Constantly scrolling through email can leave your head spinning and you totally unable to relax. So let it go—just for tonight!
  5. The comfiest outfit ever. Wine socks go perfectly with those ratty old yoga pants you LOVE because they’re so soft, and that big college sweatshirt that’s three sizes too big. The only person you have to worry about dressing to impress is yourself. So pick your favorite attire and complete the outfit with socks with wine glasses on them. Because what other socks could possibly be more appropriate?

Pick Your Bottle to Enjoy in Wine Socks

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to wine and dine yourself. But while you’re lounging around, maybe those wine socks will inspire you to do a little research! Pick up an issue of Wine Magazine or add a documentary like Somm to your playlist to learn more about wine-making and pairing. The best kind of education is the kind that can take place at home, with a glass of wine, and no shoes… just wine glass socks!

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