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What's Black and White and Awesome All Over?

There’s no more classic color combination than black and white. Here at Socksmith, we’re known for our love of colorful, funky patterned socks. But there’s something to be said for the perfect pairing of black and white socks, too! We put our affections for patterns and classic combos together and came up with a wild and wearable collection of black and white bamboo socks that’s sure to add some fun to even the most conventional of wardrobes.

Black and White Socks Go from the Boardroom to Happy Hour

The beauty of black and white socks is the timeless color scheme. But that doesn’t mean the design has to be so demure. We have black and white socks in circles, triangles, cubes and every other pattern we could think of. They’ll match your business best while adding a little flip of fun.

From the boardroom to the bar, these socks fit every scene. The professional black and white won’t raise any eyebrows while you’re hammering out a deal. But no one will accuse you of being boring at the end of the day! A pair of black and white socks in Aztec print or pretty florals still let you have fun with your wardrobe, even if you’re in a three-piece suit from the ankles up. One of the three owners of Socksmith, Cassandra, exclusively wears our black and white bamboo socks and she’s always looking posh.

Black and White Bamboo Socks Are Always the Right Choice

If you’re going to pick a pair of socks to take you through your whole day, you want to make sure you’re pulling on the comfiest socks you own. That’s where the bamboo comes in! Not only do our black and white bamboo socks look the part of professional and life of the party, but you can also count on the fabric to keep your toes happy all day.

Bamboo is a luxury fabric, and wearing it on your feet is pampering at its best.Check out our previous blog post, singing the praises of this superhero material. Its super-soft quality will feel like your feet are at a day-spa, even if you’re actually negotiating a major merger. And come winter or summer, the naturally insulating fabric will keep you as warm or cool as you need to be to make it to 5 o’clock.

From diamonds to herringbone to classic plaid, there’s a black and white bamboo sock for every day of the week.

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