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What Not to Do When an Artist Is "Arting"

“Design Town,” as it is referred to at Socksmith Headquarters, is where all the sock magic happens! Socksmith socks aren’t just little pictures on socks, they are high quality and original graphics… art on your feet! Socksmith has thousands of socks, all designed by a team of four amazing artists. From dog socks to taco socks, they design it all!

The process of sock design is more complicated than it may seem. Each design is stitched with precision. Design Town is usually filled with silence, as the designers are working diligently in their offices. Or, you’ll hear the occasional dog bark as someone comes into the hallway… yes, we said dogs! There are 4 dogs that come to work! Learning more about Fable, Monty, Lady, and Bindi is for another blog post though... so stay tuned! In the meantime, we have so many dog socks to explore!

Since the hallway is hushed with focused silence, we thought it would be fun to interview the sock design team and find out what makes them tick. Mostly, we all wanted to figure out what NOT to do when the artists are “art-ing.”

“What really bothers you when you’re art-ing?”

“Is this a trick intervention?!?” … was one of the immediate responses to the question. Well, not exactly… approach with caution!

If anyone knows an artist, you know to tread lightly when they are in the zone. If you have a sock design suggestion, they are all ears! But don’t always expect them to design your sock idea right away. Your idea is probably brilliant, but when sock inspiration sparks, they jump! They will probably leave your idea on the back-burner for now, so maybe someday it will come to life if creativity sparks!

“Asking to copy someone else’s art… I refuse every time.”

You know how you feel when your roommate steals your socks? Maybe you aren’t that upset, but it still sucks to get no credit when someone compliments them on their awesome socks… but wait, aren’t those your awesome socks? Similar with art, recognizing an artist’s unique ideas and creation is important and proper. Here at Socksmith, we have unique sock designs that are funky, different, and have the notable “Socksmith twist.”

We have crazy socks, fun socks, and punny socks… all are unique Socksmith designs! Within the past year though, we have expanded our reach by adding licensed products to our collection! With our high-quality designs, we have been able to produce licensed product that other brands can be proud to have their logos/art on. View our complete collection of licensed socks here, some of which includes: Frida Kahlo socks, The Little Prince socks, Tapatio socks, Gumby socks, and Spam socks.

Now that you know a little more about the design team at Socksmith, stay tuned for future episodes of “What not to do when an artist is art-ing.”

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