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What Do Writing Letters and Fun Socks Have in Common? The Novelty, Of Course!

What Do Writing Letters and Fun Socks Have in Common? The Novelty, Of Course!

A little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way. At Socksmith, we think that applies to many things! How thoughtful are you when going through your normal, everyday routine? Bringing a bit of novelty into your daily routine can brighten your day as well as those around you!

Think about it: Getting dressed in the morning can be a pretty mindless task. Socks may be the last thing you think about; although, it’s the first thing we think about! But when you reach for fun, colorful, novelty taco socks (on a Taco Tuesday), suddenly your routine becomes a little more fun!

A simple daily routine like getting mail from the mailbox can be done on autopilot. It’s usually just bills anyway, right? But when you find a handwritten note from a friend mixed in, it’s a magical moment! The thought of someone taking the time to write you a letter is heartwarming. And sitting down to read it takes you away from the daily monotony. It even gives you something to smile about!

Someone even sent us a letter in celebration for the month! Her name is Emile, from Oklahoma. Anyone who loves socks as much as we do is certainly a great friend! Keep on sockin' on, Emile.

And what do awesome socks and writing letters have in common? The novelty!

Write More Letters … While Wearing Fuzzy Socks!

Writing letters is rare these days, but it’s as comforting as slipping into a pair of warm, fuzzy socks. (While you're wearing all those sweaters this winter to keep warm, don't forget about your feet... our socks are mini feet sweaters!) We love the idea of a letter-writing tradition. If you do too, here are a few ways you can start your own:

  • Visit a nursing home to see if they have a program in place to write letters to residents
  • Adopt a soldier and send letters to someone currently serving in the military
  • Start a personal tradition to send a card or letter every month to someone you don’t see often
  • Make a letter-writing pact with someone you love who lives far away

Turn Mundane Into Magical With Handwritten Letters And Colorful Socks

At Socksmith, we know that socks are a part of everyday life. Sure, you could just pick the same pair of white socks each day, but what fun is that? Just like you could simply text your friend rather than writing a letter. But writing a letter just feels more special, because it is! The same way picking a pair of colorful socks feels more special than picking a random pair from the drawer. Add a little fun, a dash of fuzzy, and a sprinkle of color as you put pen to paper and spread some joy!

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