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Trim the Tree With Decked Out Feet

Trim the Tree With Decked Out Feet

At Socksmith, we believe there is always room for some extra celebration! And we believe in making every occasion, big and small, as festive as can be. As you trim your Christmas tree this year, why not don a pair of fun holiday socks? Or you can deck your entire tree with socks! Your thigh’s the limit! Oops! We meant the sky!

Festivity On Your Feet With Fun Christmas Socks

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun, family tradition. There’s something fun about finding the perfect tree, propping it up in the perfect spot, and adorning it with decorations. Some of us pick a different color theme for each year’s tree. Some trees are carefully decorated with hand-picked ornaments. And other trees are full of character with handmade memory ornaments from years ago.

Speaking of homemade, one of our very own little elves put together a sock-tastic Christmas tree, decked out in some of our finest foot foliage!

Every year, the Antler Pug socks keep trying to imitate Rudolph and become the Surf Santa's favorite, but the Rudolphster socks just aren't having it! Just as our socks can have family fights, we hope your holidays are filled with much more peace and harmony. So slip on some Pot Lover's Xmas socks and relax while putting up those decorations!

Fun Christmas Socks For The Whole Family

Here at Socksmith, we’re a family of friends. In family and friendships, traditions and memories are so valuable. They bring people together and give us something to look forward to. Decorating our tree with our tootsies festively adorned makes everything more fun! We keep it casual and care-free with almost-bare feet, but boring socks are old news around here. When we trim the tree, we wear our holiday cheer!

But even if your decorating day is a little more buttoned-up, a fun pair of socks hidden beneath your jeans is a great way to feel festive. Pull on your Christmas socks for any holiday event! From tree trimming to gift wrapping, holiday socks are the perfect way to add that extra dose of celebration to your Christmas season!

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