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The Great Debate - Vegitarian Socks vs. Carnivore Socks

The Great Debate - Vegitarian Socks vs. Carnivore Socks

It’s a common topic of discussion here in Santa Cruz - a place of diversity and free-thinking, does your diet include meat? We have players on both sides of this debate here at Socksmith HQ, and we’d like to share a few of the things we’ve learned from co-existing with each other. And no matter which diet you adhere to, we have the vegetable socks or meat socks to express it. 

Live and Let Live

Two of our Socksmithers are a couple; one is a meat-eater and the other is all about the vegetables. How do they do it? We’re not sure, but they seem happy most of the time, which gives us hope for humanity in general. If we can accept each other’s differences (faults??) at mealtime, then we can carry that peace and cooperation into the larger world. A good place to start is food socks.

A vegetarian diet can be greatly beneficial to one’s health. And with such wonderful choices in California such as artichokes, a satisfying variety of vegetables is available. But those benefits get completely trumped by the thought of bacon. If you’re really making an effort to go the meatless route, though, perhaps a pair of pig socks will help remind you of what special creatures they are. Or will this make the meat cravings worse? Try satiating those cravings with men's bacon socks, or steak socks, or taco socks… But if this method is having the opposite effect, fear not. We have plenty of veggie socks for you. Avocado socks will refocus your vegetarian goals.

A few Socksmithers believe that animals belong in cute videos on YouTube, not in the lunchbox. While some of us would rather take a sharp stick to the eye than go without meat. I’m pretty sure if my supervisor switched to a vegetarian diet, she would probably turn into Kevin Spacey’s character in Horrible Bosses. In order to keep her happy, we supply her with plenty of meat socks.

Puppy Love

Dogs know who to go to for a treat. We have several canine co-workers, and they’re no dummies. Who do you think is going to drop the tastiest crumbs? That’s right, carnivores. We do have a dog owner here who’s veggie, and she and her dog seem to get along just fine. However, this particular dog owner also lives with a meat-eater. Coincidence? Hmmm…

It’s true, we tend not to bring the same types of animals to the land of the socks that we put on our plate (except when we wear our hen socks). A cow or chicken might be somewhat unruly while trying to design next season’s sock styles. Nothing like clucking or a large tail swat to the face to throw you off your creative track. The only exception might be the one time Elliot came to visit. Luckily, it wasn’t on Rabbit Fricassee Day. And after Courtney reads this, the only rabbit she’ll be bringing in will be on her bunny socks.

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