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The Gift of Socks on Mother's Day: A Day of Recognition, A Lifetime of Gratitude

The Gift of Socks on Mother's Day: A Day of Recognition, A Lifetime of Gratitude

What’s the ultimate Mom’s Day gift? Time spent with their loved ones. And second? We bet you can guess our answer. The gift of socks!

Give Mom the Gift of Sock Comfort on Mother’s Day

The gift of socks is one of comfort and enjoyment. Socks say to mom: I want you to be stylish and cozy. What could be better for soothing mom when you’re not around to do it personally. Warm and fuzzy socks will give her the warm & fuzzies, thinking of you and your thoughtful gift.

Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908, and declared a national holiday in 1914 by Woodrow Wilson. We’d love to give the gift of socks to Anna, such as our bamboo venus socks, as a token of our appreciation. Our mothers more than deserve a special day in their honor for all the love and devotion they give us year-round. And we think so many of our styles would make great Mother’s Day gift socks.

Mother’s Day Socks Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Mothering means different things to different people, and this can all be expressed in their wardrobe with some Mother’s Day socks. Is your mother a beach lover? Then give her our bamboo sea shell socks. Does she long to lounge poolside? Pool people socks might be the perfect choice. Does your behavior drive her to drink? Wine socks or Corona socks will tell her that you acknowledge your occasionally challenging personality.

If you have a new or expecting mom on this year’s list of honorees, we have special delivery socks to make their day. And grandmothers are definitely on the list as well. She doesn’t have to be your mother to receive some Mother’s Day socks from you.

Mom will enjoy her Mother’s Day socks all year long, and for years to come. We think this creates more than just one day of showing her how much you care. This year, along with the bouquet of flowers, try giving her rose socks as well. They might not be as fragrant, but they’ll last so much longer.

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