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Taste the Summer with Fruit Salad Socks

Taste the Summer with Fruit Salad Socks

Fruit Salad is a summer treat, and one we like to honor with fruit salad socks. Socksmith has so many great fruit socks, and with just a few summer months to celebrate, it might be necessary to wear a different fruit combination every day until Labor Day. If you truly want to pull off the full fruit salad socks effect, you’ll definitely have to recruit some friends. What better fruit salad sock display than your flash mob dance troupe showing up in everything from blueberry socks to watermelon socks.

Baby Stepping Into Fruit Socks

But let’s start small. Ease your way in with some of the more traditional combinations. Coconut socks and pineapple socks blend as nicely as a frosty pina colada on a hot day at the beach. Avocado socks and chili pepper socks (yes, both are fruits!) are long-time companions in Mexican cuisine. Now they can be together on your feet as well.

Go For Broke

When you’re ready to branch out, throw some kiwi socks into the mix for an exotic flair. Unless, of course, you live in New Zealand, in which case, kiwifruit might be the furthest thing from exotic. But now we’re getting somewhere. Mix those kiwis with some banana socks, peach socks, blueberry socks and strawberry socks, and you’ll have a combination worthy of the swankiest resort’s breakfast fare. Don’t forget the lemon socks to help keep all the colors vibrant.

If you like to share your fruit with your four-legged friends, our slow jam socks are a darling way to represent that. Turtles do indeed enjoy strawberries, and various other fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

Still not convinced? Let us help you get in the spirit with this yummy video from the Wiggles. We don’t think anyone could match their enthusiasm for fruit salad!

Fruit salad socks are a surefire way to enjoy your summer.

Photo credit: @mollythehuskyrescue

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