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Sushi Socks: Sake or Socky - You Decide!

What goes together like sushi and sake? How about a pair of sushi socks?! These Japanese inspired companions are just the added touch your date night outfit to make an added statement. And when you have the socks to go with the theme of the evening, you’re more than prepared to have a fun time. Whether you’re on your first date, or your 500th, why not have fun with a Japanese restaurant and sushi socks?

Rice? Check. Seaweed? Check. Sushi Socks? Check!

Sushi makes a great date meal, because it usually arrives at the table quickly and it makes a great conversation piece—or mutual learning experience! It's an age-old Japanese tradition involving rice, veggies, seafood, and occasionally fun extras like tropical fruits. Some American sushi restaurants even serve western-inspired rolls, with different types of meat and less traditional combinations, like peanut butter and banana.

Many Japanese restaurants serve sake alongside their sushi dishes. Sake is a fermented rice wine that’s common in Japanese eating and dining. It’s the national beverage of Japan—bottoms up! But if indulging like this isn’t your thing, skip the sake and make the night more fun by wearing socky instead!

Show Your Date Your Playful Side with Sushi Socks

Whether you’re dining out at a Japanese restaurant or just about anywhere else, your sushi socks are the perfect choice to complete your date night outfit! Date nights are supposed to be about having fun, and we see no reason for that to stop at the choice of restaurant (or choice of dining companion). Have as much fun with your outfit as you want, and you might be surprised to see the most playful and interesting side of yourself make an appearance for the occasion!

And what if your date picked an upscale sushi spot? Don’t sweat it. These Japanese socks can make a statement, even if it’s one you just want to keep to yourself. But we know you won’t be able to resist showing your date just how much fun you’re having, by having them peek under the table at your socks!

What’s your favorite place to wear sushi socks? Of course, they make the perfect companion to your sushi date night outfit, but why not go a little wild and wear them to a burger joint or pizza place? There are no rules!

Sake or Socky?.... You decide!

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