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St. Patrick's Day Socks - From Potatoes To Patron Saints

St. Patrick's Day Socks - From Potatoes To Patron Saints

We’re all for a fun party, and nothing says “party” quite like St. Patrick’s Day! But before you reach for that Guinness and leprechaun hat, let’s talk about the origins of this holiday, and what it might mean to you, and to us. We’re guessing we have one thing in common; the love of green socks!

St. Patrick was born in Britain to a wealthy family, and kidnapped at the age of 16 by Irish raiders. He escaped six years later, but eventually returned to Ireland, with the goal of converting the Irish people to Christianity. This conversion became his life’s work, and his death was the catalyst of the holiday we honor to this day.

Like so many holidays, St Patrick’s Day has its own theme of Christianity’s rise over paganism and the Druids. The allegory of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland is said to symbolize the cleansing of paganism from the region.

What does St. Patrick’s Day mean to you?

Now the popular concept of St. Patrick’s Day conjures images of tipsy parade goers, beer socks on their feet, and a four leaf clover in their hand. But, how many of you have an additional, personal connection to this special day? Perhaps there’s a special someone you bond with on this day. Or maybe your birthday is on this day (or close enough). Hello Pisces!

For some, this special day symbolizes a one-day reprieve from lent. Does this speak to you? Are you denying yourself chocolate, or coffee, or carbs? Well, good news: some people claim this day as a “get out of jail free” card, and indulge in the vices they’re shunning during lent. Slip on those potato socks and enjoy that extra serving of potatoes with your corned beef and cabbage. Like coming up for air from a sea of denial, St. Patrick’s Day can be a stupendous practice in indulgence. Talk about paganism!

One’s personal connection to St. Patrick’s Day certainly doesn’t have to be rooted in religion, or food, or green. Holidays have a wonderful way of spreading their magic to include precious, unplanned moments that become associated with these special days.

What St. Patrick’s Day means to us!

The Glory of Green Socks. Here at Socksmith, color is cause for celebration. And celebration brings communities together. What’s not to love?! Whether it’s one color or all of them, it’s a reason to stand up and cheer. Pagan, Catholic, Catist, Dogist - we think just about anyone can get on board with a celebration of color. For us, St. Patrick’s Day lets us go wild with the green! With our Luck of the Irish socks and beyond, we have a goldmine of green socks for all to enjoy.

We can also relate to the indulgences of this special day. Beer socks? Yup. Potato socks? You got it! Some of us may even get a bit feisty and slip on some snake socks to let their pagan flag fly!

Lastly, what better way to boost your step during a parade, party, or pub crawl, than with fun socks? Green socks, food socks - you can wear the joy on your feet for as long as the festivities go on! From food to animals and everything in between, we’ve got the green socks to cover your Irish(at least for the day) feet. Don’t get pinched; wear those green socks!

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